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Hi all,

So I just got back from my latest WDW vacation (with my mom, aunt and 2 cousins) and we did a lot of talking about DVC since we were at AKL and could see the construction. My mom seemed genuinely interested in it, but had a lot of questions that I couldn’t answer. She didn’t want to meet with a guide while we were down there since my dad was not with us so I told her I would do some research when I got home.

Is there any one website that lays things out in a really basic manner? I have been cruising the web tonight and my mind is swimming with weird terms like “Use Year” “1 time Transfer” “$8 per point incentive” and “SSR developer points” Basically I am totally confused.

DVC never seemed like a good option for us but since I did the WDWCP eight years ago, we have been to WDW at least once a year, this year twice and I am wondering if it is maybe more appropriate than I thought.

This would be something my parents would be purchasing and I just be a happy beneficiary of that ( I don’t live with them, but we do still vacation together and I would probably end up renting points from them some years for trips with friends).

So, basically I am asking where I should look for the most basic info? Thanks!


Welcome back home! This website may help:

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) FAQ - Wiki

Here is a points chart for reference: Disney Vacation Club Point Charts

And a points calculator: Welcome to


you should also call DVC they will usually send you a book and a DVD explaining everything. If you want it can give you the persons number that set us up with DVC.


Two other sites dedicated to just DVC are: - The Web’s Most Friendly and Reliable Source for Information on the Disney Vacation Club (DVC)

and - The essential Disney Vacation Club resource! - News


When I went to visit the open house (and ultimately bought into DVC) they said that if you didn’t go to WDW at least every other year, it probably wasn’t for you. The reason is that you can ‘bank’ your points for up to a year. If you don’t use those points, you lose them.

Also, if you do decide to buy you should try to do it at WDW instead of from home. You get more incentives if you go during your trip. For the time you spend at the DVC, they give you instant fast pass cards for rides. When you insert them in the machine the time on the ticket is right then and there…no waiting. My mom and I got 9 or 12 rides each (with a little negotiating) and used them on rides like Soarin’ which always have long lines.


We use our points not only at disney. We have been on a couple of GREAT summer vacations to Keystone resort in Colorado using points (VERY reasonable in the summer and tons of fun stuff to do!) Also we’ve used them at Hilton Head over spring break which is also very reasonable. You could easily use them at Vero Beach for a beach vacation as well. I feel like even if you don’t use them at Disney (gasp!)…you could still use your points for SO many other vacation destinations!


It works if you are going to stay at moderate places at least every three years. You can bank 1 year ahead, use current year, and borrow the next year.

Plus you can always rent your points which is a great deal for both the member and the guest because the rental cost is still way below rack rates on the resorts.

Sent you an email but I recommend that you get information from DVC using a member referral because they generally have a little better deal not offered to the public. You or any MBer can feel free to use me as a referral. PM or email me and I’ll send you my advisor’s direct contact information.


Thanks to everyone for your advice and info! We talked some more about it tonight and I think we’ll probably be contacting someone from DVC soon.

BDavis, was it easy to use your points for your trip to Colorado? Though I would be perfectly content spending EVERY vacation at WDW, I know my parents would like to try out other things if it was relatively easy.


It was super easy! Really not much different then booking a regular DVC stay with the exception the charge for bookings, which is $95. I just called with my dates and which area we wanted and DVC called me back about a day later with my confirmation. The area we like to stay in is a GORGEOUS section called Silver Mill in River Run! It was near the gondola and ski lifts which are fun to ride to the top! Also there are shops and restaurants and a fire pit each night. We took several day trips to near by towns doing various activities including an old silver mine tour, a scenic steam railroad ride, gold mining. The resort itself has tons of activities including kayaking/paddle boats, beaver prowl, mountain biking, hiking. Day trips to Denver day are only an hour away! You really need your own car, we drove ourselves, but you could easily rent one from Denver International, too.

By the way, a one bedroom condo at Keystone “cost” just under 100 points for 6 nights, a two bedroom (which sleeps 6) ran us 136 points. With almost new accomidations, full kitchens and awesome views and proximity to restaurants and activities, the “cost” of points is a great value. Of course ski season is a LOT more expensive. We try to visit different resorts in their off seasons so we can experience the top notch resorts and different destinations every other year or so. When we do Disney, we usually go three time in one year and buy annual passes so we really get our moneys worth…then take a break from Disney for a year or two visiting these other areas.


Karen –

We used this forum and MouseOwners to collect our information. And I can pretty much guarantee that your parents will be happy with the program when they see that, if you take a nice vacation every year, it really pays off quickly, not to mention the perks of ownership.

BUT – I cannot tell you enough (I wish I could type louder!!!) that talking to a guide is the single best way to understand the program and what options are available. They have access to new sales, resales, and MOST important they can let you know about specials they have running, like tons of extra points or gift cards and so forth – they have a lot of incentives that run all the time, so you want to be able to snap some of those up!

The guides are magically patient, so you can chat with one, call back another time and talk to him/her again, and then even later, call back with more questions. He/she will be very happy to discuss DVC with you until all your questions are answered!

And wait until you see the contracts… LOL! You sign at a Mickey head, or at a palm tree! Even the paperwork is fun!


Sent you an email but I recommend that you get information from DVC using a member referral because they generally have a little better deal not offered to the public. You or any MBer can feel free to use me as a referral. PM or email me and I’ll send you my advisor’s direct contact information.[/QUOTE]

I didn’t know there were any special deals for having a referral, I thought all the specials were general deals offered to everyone. Whats the offer for having a referral?


I believe the new member will get a $500 VISA gift card if they are referred by an existing member.


Thanks, I thought that was for all new members.


If you use an existing member as a referral, there are additional benefits for the member. HOWEVER – you can feel free to just call DVC with no referral at all, and still be certain that you will have a terrific guide.

They are all great guides.

BUT, if you’d like a referral, just PM any of the DVC members here – you can see a list of everyone on WishuponAStar’s list in another thread. Every person on MB’s DVC roll call has adored their DVC guide and would be thrilled to refer an MB friend!

Here is the link to the list, and good luck to your parents as they find their dream membership!


Amen, thank you for that reminder MissDisney. It’s not fair for one DVC/MB member to continually get ALL of the referral bonuses when other members have worked hard to inform people on DVC & haven’t received any referrals. There are referral benefits for both the buyer & the member so it’s only fair that everyone get a fair chance to refer someone.


Good luck with learning all about DVC. Hopefully you’ll be my neighbour soon!