I always get really excited about going to Disney and I always appreciate coming home. I was working around the yard today and just thinking of the million, zillion things I could do to make my house better.

I thought about our Disney vacation.

You know what I love the most? Coming home, yep coming home. I walk through the door and say “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh”, I’m home. I just can’t wait for DW to cook, see the dog, look at that broken thing in my yard that I’ve been thinking of fixing and say “Who cares this is home”. Than I tend to remember what I enjoy most; the family I made, the foundation on which my house was built and the days of old that always get better.

Vacation is a nice break and it’s also great to come home. It’s like you’re energized and ready to go!!! And those little things that tend to make you say Hmmmmmmmmm, are the best things to have and make life just that much more interesting.




I couldn’t agree more! I can honestly say the I do not get PDD. I hear about it alot from other MB’ers. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE DISNEY!!! I enjoy every minute of planning, and experiencing all DISNEY has to offer, but I love to come home too. I am really lucky to be able to say that.


You Go Girl!!!