Holding luggage at the resort?


Do the resorts still hold your bags for you if your room is not ready?

What about check-out day, is there a maximum amount of time that they can store your luggage if you are still going to the parks on your last day?


Yes they still hold your bags. I don’t believe there is a time limit for luggage storage.


Coolness, thanks PT!


My pleasure:happy:


They sure do! We always take the earliest flight in and the latest flight home, so we always leave our bags. You just get a ticket from bell services that you return when you’re ready to take your bags back.


That’s great to know! We will be doing the same thing - getting in early and leaving late!


Just wanted to mention that they are SO good about holding your luggage/items that even if you have COLD items (Milk, dairy, ect) , they will put them into their walk in freezer until are ready for them. Very cool!


:eek: Wow that is very cool indeed!


That must come in especially helpful to guests that have medication that needs to be refrigerated!:happy:


no…they make you take ALL of your luggage to the parks and carry it around with you ALL day.:ohmy:


Yes in deedy!!


They accommodate you on both ends. They will hold your bags until your room is ready and they will hold your bags until you collect them and take them with you when you leave WDW.
As for cold storage, they do have refrigerators but I don’t know how big or how much room there is for each person. We have been taking a smallish cooler for many of our trips since September 2006, possibly earlier, as I have medication that needs to be kept cold and usually I bring a gallon of sweet ice tea from home and sometimes some cold cuts for late night food.


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