Holiday ADR's?


Christmas in MK were to Dine?

New Years Eve in EPCOT were to dine?

No dinning plan.

PS: Be nice so my thread dont get yanked again.:blink: :ohmy:


CC, I think LTT is probably an amazing Crhistmas dinner. And if I were going to EC for New Year’s, I would probably try to celebrate at Biergarten!


GREAT question! Now that Bob says day after Christmas- head to DW I need New Year’s Plans for adults and kiddies!

Oh, this is going to be fun!!!


LTT is on the list but the kids are leaning towards Tonys.

Biergarten we ate there two years ago and I loved it. Thanks for reminding me that may be the choice.


Before my last thread got removed the choice for New Years was EPCOT hands down.


Oh casey- wish this was my post- how wonderful to be at the ‘World’ at this time of the year-I am sure anywhere will be just great


I have to say I loved being there for Christmas the best. We are lucky and are greatfull for the oportunity. Its a whole new experiance. We will be trying New Years for the first time I promise a trip report.


I would do LTT for Christmas and Biergarten for New Year’s Eve.