Holiday Dining Surcharges in March?


Allears just posted the following:

Holiday Dining Surcharges that were in effect for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday seasons will also be in effect from March 16-30, 2008. Prices will be higher at the following restaurants: Boma Breakfast and Dinner, Cape May Breakfast and Dinner Buffet, Chef Mickey’s Breakfast and Dinner, Trails End Buffet, 1900 Park Fare Breakfast and Dinner, 'Ohana Breakfast and Dinner, Captain’s Grille Breakfast Buffet, Tusker House, Garden Grill, Princess Storybook Dining, Crystal Palace, Liberty Tree Tavern Character Dinner, Cinderella’s Royal Table, and Play ‘n’ Dine at Hollywood and Vine.

Anyone have a clue why they did this (beyond the obvious of making more money)???


I think that’s the only reason–more money.


That’s easter vacations…makes sense to me.


Ah okay…I forgot that Easter is early this year.


March 23rd…that place is going to be insane. I did Easter once…only once and NEVER, EVER will I do it again…lol I’d rather melt in august.


I did WDW New Year’s one and like you prefer to melt in August with less crowds. While Aug is hot, humid, and icky, I was less stressed b/c of less people!


I guess I’m lucking out because I’ll be there for our Spring Break March 9-15 :blush: !!


Amen to that. I cannot stand all those people in one place…I can’t breathe. That and the rudeness factor is just to hard to ignore when it’s coming at you full-force in mass people…no thank you ever again.


Yup, you lucked out and just missed the charges and the crowds. Your week shouldn’t be so crowded…it will be the weeks after that will be a bit much.


From your lips to God’s ears!!!:frostyang


I got clipped this week at both of my breakfast buffets by the “holiday surcharge”. I don’t recall this in the past. If they did it for Christmas/New Year’s and Thanksgiving, you know they’ll do it for Easter, and probably 4th of July as well.
It’s just about charging extra when they know they can get away with it.
We’ve done three New Years in a row and our expectations of riding are really lowered when we do. But there are shows and events during these days that just don’t happen at other times of the year. Just think how early people arrive and just stand around Times Square in NYC before the apple drops. IS WDW any different on that night?


We were on the dining plan at Thanksgiving so didn’t take note of any surcharge.

How exactly is the surcharge to work? And we paid in advance for the Royal Table when we booked many months ago. Would this have been at the higher price?


The surcharge is for guests who are paying out of pocket, not for those on the dining plan. So again, if you’re paying out of pocket, you’re being penalized, on the plan you won’t notice a thing, other than having a larger tip “suggested”. (Remember the tip is no longer included with the dining plan)
You didn’t “pay” for CRT. You made a credit card deposit which you will forfeit if you don’t cancel in time or you don’t show up. You will still have to pay for your meal when you dine. And because of this, you will pay whatever the price is on that particular day.


Got it. I knew some required a credit card - I wasn’t sure if it was a deposit or not.

We opted out of the dining plan as it was not going to be cost effective for this trip. Even with the surcharge, I think we will be safer opting out.

They make it hard to be a fan sometimes. :pinch:


Wow! At first I was upset, until I realized my O’Hana breakfast is on the 31st.


I should have said “you didn’t pay for it yet”. On the other hand, for safety’s sake, check your credit card bill or check your statement on line if that’s how you do it, and be sure you weren’t billed for the meal.


I have a real problem with this policy. Like I said before, if they were just charging it on the holiday itself, that would be understandable. But for the whole week? That is just greed.


Is it greed or just jumbo “eggs”?


I’m with you Monique. We are going April 5-11 after Easter and Spring Break. Bad mom right. O’well less people is worth my kids missing a week of school.


SG is right. It’s because they can…:mad: :crying: