Holiday Inn Express in Placentia


Well, my attempt to camp out at Disneyland for nine nights through President’s Day Week meant that the only room I could find (and afford) absent checking out and checking in way too frequently is the Holiday Inn Express near Cal State Fullerton.

I stayed at the Marriott in CSF last President’s Day Weekend, and the traffic/commute isn’t bad.

My question, of course, is has ANYONE on Disney Central ever stayed there? has only four reviews, and I was wondering if there were any helpful suggestions? :pirate:


bumping this post to the top so someone will answer it. cmon DL experienced travelers…someone knows this.


Okay, now I’m starting to get depressed.

Maybe if I threaten not to do a trip report after I get back, maybe somebody will at least post some encouraging comments…


No, don’t get discouraged :mickey:

I haven’t any experience but did a quick look and in addition to the trip advisor comments, the Yahoo travel ratings (only a couple of revies there) are good, and the reviews at are good too :flowers: It looks like a nice little place to me in a good location.


Here are Two more reviews for you. :smile:;_ylt=AmHD_kn3NkACwjYZ3pA0cVbiphQB


Thanks for the link!

Hopefully there’s an actual dc member who’s been there recently. It appears they’re renovating this month, so it should be good for February…


Yeah…you would think a H. Inn should be fine. But you never know. Always good to have first hand info.


Sorry, I can’t help either. But I am sure if it is the holiday inn it will be fine.


I said I would bump this …so bump! :smile:


I’m sorry I don’t have first hand information for you but usually Holiday Inns are pretty okay…especially since this one is going through a renovation…looks like is should be done by the time you are there.


I myself have not stayed there but it seems pretty nice to me, Im sure it will be fine. :smile:


Thanks to everyone for their input…

Hopefully in the next thirty days SOMEONE will have seen this who has previously stayed there… :angry:

It’s now under a month before I gets on the big white bird to take me stateside.

I am hoping to enjoy ten days at Disneyland from 17 Feb to 26 Feb.

And I will be providing my FIRST trip report in March.

Hopefully it won’t be TOO crowded. :pirate:


The Holiday Inn in Placenta? How are the Wombs!? LOL!

OKay it was a bad joke! It’s midnight and I am amusing myself now!

Enjoy your trip anyway.


Well, a new wrinkle has now cut my trip short.

The Dept. of Justice is taking a deposition on one of my boat cases in San Francisco on the 24th. Which cuts our trip down to seven days.

But since my heir apparent has never flown, much less been to San Francisco, we will be having fun that weekend up North.

Now only if I could get a room at the Ritz Carlton…

But this cuts my trip report down to seven days.

Unless you folks want to know about Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Alcatraz and Napa Valley… :pirate:


I’ve never stayed at this property, but I have been to the Denny’s restuarant in front of it. It’s a little closer to Disneyland than the CSF Marriott (1 or 2 miles). It looks like a nice place, but the area is less than perfect. If you go a couple of streets east to Kramer and Orangethorpe, you have all the illegal workers sitting on the corner waiting for work (in front of the Winchell’s and 7-11). Good luck to you.


I personally DO want to hear about all of your trip! It ALL sounds interesting!!! :c)

I wish I knew more about your hotel that you’ve chosen, but I’ve never been to California, so that kinda makes me NOT an expert (and makes your TR even more interesting to me!)

I hope it all works out!


I am interested in hearing about your trip and of course you will be able to tell everyone how your hotel is too! :wink:


I’m just tickled there’s a place called “Placentia”! LOL


We stayed in the Hampton Inn there mid July. It was fine. About 20 mins away. We were there 1 night after the 50th to visit with friends in the next town


Yet again, fate strikes!

I was supposed to be in the air right now aboard Air New Zealand, three hours out of LAX.

But bad weather cancelled my puddle jumper flight, so I’m stuck on island for a week.

LUCKILY this hasn’t impacted my Disney trip. But it DOES allow me to earn big bucks this week for the trip. :pirate: