Holiday Overlay?


I have only been to WDW during the holidays once, at which time I did not ride “It’s a Small World” and was just curious to know, does the MK’s “It’s a Small World” get a Holiday overlay like Disneyland’s? Thanks! :smile:


No and neither does the Haunted Mansion.


no:( it’s a bummer


they haven’t even fixed the hippos messed up eye… it’s been broke for the entire year.


But riding IASW once was plenty for us anyway, so we’d never miss the decorations.

However… HM Christmas decor would be so ghoul. I mean cool…


:confused: Huh? I thought that was the best part of IASW: finding all the broken dolls… :laugh:

I’ve been a teensy bit annoyed that none of the rides in WDW get a holiday makeover…


The “excuse”, at least for the HM Nightmare overlay isn’t done at MK because “so many overseas guests don’t really know Nightmare Before Christmas”.
I think it stinks!
Why does it seem that they do so much more Christmas stuff at Disneyland than they do in MK?