Holiday Parties


Have they increased the number of guests allowed at the special parties? We have gone for Halloween the last few years & it seemed like there were lots more attending this year. Is it possible Disney been selling more tickets to these in order to make more money? We are planning on going to the Christmas party this year & I am wondering how many other guests we could expect to be attending…


I don’t think Disney releases the number of tickets available but I think it has been estimated at 20,000 for the special holiday events and parties. I have also read that since they went to the wristbands instead of closing and reopening that is has been alot more chaotic on many nights. Is this true?


Halloween parties this year have been funny ~ nights you wouldn’t think sell out did, others, like last night, seemed empty! The parties seem to attract a lot of local residents and having a good idea of the school schedules can help predict what it might be like.

The switch over between daytime guests and party guests runs pretty smoothly. I’ve seen this to be true as both a guest and a CM this year. 20,000 is a good estimate for ticket sales…some dates may be a bit more or less.


I thought the switchover of day to ticket guest was a little chaotic too. When we arrived for MNSSHP it was fairly early and of course there was still alot of day guests there. It was really really crazy down Main Street- alot of the day guests were leaving but some seemed confused as to whether they should go or stay.
I am sure later that evening we saw one or two families without wristbands just wandering round, unable to go on anything ride wise, but still seeing the parade etc? which of course made for a busy park… or am I wrong about that?:huh:


We were at the Halloween Party on October 14th and it was jammed packed. I remember the last time I went and it was really nice to be able to have a little more space and do more things. This year it felt like the park wasn’t closed down for people who purchased party tickets. We were very surprised, oh well we had a great time anyways.


We were there on the 12th and it didn’t seemed that busy, and when we were waiting for the parade on main street they came down the street checking are bans.


I guess that in years before it seemed somewhat special when we went, but this year was disappointing. It will be interesting to see what the Christmas Party is like. They are making pretty good money on these parties if you look at the price of tickets x possibly 20,000 (if they all sell).