Holiday Pricing?


Hello everyone,

Sorry to be posting this if this was already covered on MB. However, I just saw that Tusker House has special “Holiday Pricing” for their buffets. It is about $4 extra during the holidays. Is this true? What is the deal with this? Does food cost more when it is closer to Xmas?:mad:

Does this bother anyone but me?:blink:


I find it extremely irritating. I’m usually the one who says that Disney is a corporation, they have responsibilities to their stockholders, etc., etc.,…

But just randomly adding money to the price of the buffets just seems mean-spirited and… I hate to use this word… greedy.


I agree- that seems wrong. Another holiday price “issue” is that you can’t do the multiple day purchase for stroller rentals.


We have only been to WDW once before and that was at Christmas, this year we are going again. The only time of the year that we are able to go is Christmas. It drives me nuts. It is costing me more than double what it would cost me if it was another time of year. Not to mention the airfare is over double as well. Don’t get me wrong, we had a marvelous time, that’s why we are going to go again before the kids get too old. It’s just that it is really breaking me this year and it’s frustrating. Sorry about the venting. I am really excited about going, I’m just feeling a little down at the moment. Lynn


I think the “holiday” prices are only in effect on “holidays” that is, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve. (Thanksgiving has already passed).

Christmas Holiday Dining Options


Well if that’s true then the extra charge is warranted: staff who work on the holiday itself should be compensated.


If true, I can understand. That is not how it was written in the article that I read but I certainly could be wrong. Also and unfortunately, I suspect that the staff will not see any of the $$.


From the Restaurant News section, the below was in affect for Thanksgiving. “Holiday Surcharges are in effect from now through November 15th - 24th at all buffet dining experiences.” So it isn’t just for the actual holiday.

I don’t have an issue with the actual holiday or if they offer special menus, as that is common in the restaurant industry. But to increase prices for the week around it for the normal menu seems to be greedy, as that is not common in the industry.


Agreed: that is just greedy and would make me angry too.


I think it is unfair,too, but it is not just disney that does it. I don’t think the staff gets paid the extra money, that’s for sure. This is one reason why my husband and I don’t go out for Valentine’s day anymore. They always have a “special” menu that is really the same old thing at inflated prices.