Holiday related smilies


Is it possible for the smilie list to be added to with perhaps a Halloween and Christmas version?


Yes. I actually have a few Disney ones as well I need to add in. I will do that sometime this week.


Awesome. The Disney ones will be much appreciated. Thanks Mick! :mickey:


That is awesome, Thanks!


woot. Can’t wait.


go mickey, you rock


I hope there is a dancing banana waving pom-poms…I NEED that smiley:happy:


OK, Disney Smilies added, please let me know if you know of any I missed:

:wendy: :ariel: :genie: :minnie: :goofy: :hercules: :donald: :john: :AK: :tinkerbell: :simba: :pluto: :nemo: :cheshire: :lilo: :goofybounce: :hook: :peterpan:


Thanks Mickey! :donald: :goofy: :AK:


oh that is to cute! I needed some more smiles…the heart one was getting old…lol:cheshire: :goofy:


I noticed that if you open the smiley page, there are two Goofy smilies. Two different designs, but both take the same code: : goofy : (without the spaces of course). So if you put it in that way, you get the one where he is bouncing up and down like a maniac. I wonder if the code could be changed on the other one?

Thanks :goofy:


oh my gosh, Mickey. You rock. Thanks!:goofy: :donald: :cheshire: :simba:


Nice catch, should be fixed now:

:goofybounce: :goofy:


Thanks Mickey…

(is it just me or does this :AK: look like broccoli? :laugh:)


Thanks Mickey .:smile:


:tinkerbell: :tinkerbell: :tinkerbell: :tinkerbell: :tinkerbell: :tinkerbell: :tinkerbell:

Mickey, you rock!!!

:tinkerbell: :tinkerbell: :tinkerbell: :tinkerbell: :tinkerbell: :tinkerbell: :tinkerbell:


THIS is the most EXCITING thing that’s happened to me all year…

Thanks Mickey!:cheshire:

(Yes, it does look like broccoli!:AK: ):laugh:


anyway to get the castle, spaceship earth, and the sorcerer’s hat also?


I’m glad I bought the subject up. Seems to have made people happy. Many thanks Mickey.

I have some more which I hope you can add.


A few more