Holiday Wishes!


I have never seen any fireworks anywhere to compare with what I am seeing in these pictures. I commend the photographer!


Oh my…this is sure something to look forward to!


I watched the finale last night when they were previewing them for the guest and watched my jaw drop and was unable to pick them up. HalloWishes was incredible, but this one will top them all!!!


I loved Hallowishes…this must be incredible!!


Those pictures are unbelievable and I can’t wait to see it live


Beautiful, especially that last one_ Can’t get any more Christmasy!!!


They were incredible. Too bad I will miss that show.


Oh don’t worry, the finale’s fireworks go off and look like a christmas tree that touches the sky and explodes in a beautiful red and green wonder.


Oh I can’t wait!!! :tongue: I’ve never been to WDW at Christmas time before. We have tickets to MVMCP on Nov.29th. I loved Wishes when I saw them in 2004. I bet these will be even better.


We’ve never been for Christmas either! I can’t wait, we will be at MVMCP on December 2nd.


woooahhh ho ho!!! Those are the most amazing firework pictures ever!
My sister is a photographer…I need to get her to WDW or DLR to get firework pics, shes done some INCREDIBLE ones from our local fireworks show in the summer.


I would love to be there at Christmas. Congrat’s to all of you who are going to get to see this live. :mickey:


I really liked that second pic!