Hollywood and Vine Character meal reviews?


Has anyone been to either breakfast or lunch yet? My DS3 and DD4 are very into Little Einsteins these days and I’m considering moving some ADRs around and working this in if it’s worth the character interaction and the food.

TIA! :mickey:


I went before it was a character meal, and ate there as part of the Fantasmic! package. The food was ok, nothing stellar, but just what you’d expect from a disney buffett. The atmosphere and the location in that park are both excellent.

If your kids are fans of Jo-Jo and the Little Einsteins, I say go for it!


I have adr for mid august. I think my girls might be bored but my little needs something.


I can’t wait to hear how it is, so please come back to us and report. Your girls will be just fine. The little one needs something too.:heart:


I have adrs for 9/20 and I too was looking for reviews. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait for tonipotts tr!


Thanks for the replies! I hope you all have a great time tonipotts :mickey: