Hollywood and Vine


Ok tell me about this restaurant. Is it good, bad, ok, wonderful, etc? We are booked to do this with the Fantasmic package, but I really do not know that much about it.


We had dinner there several years ago (2003 I think) and really liked it. I don’t know it the food was really that good or if we were just super hungry but we liked it. However, it doesn’t get many good reviews from what I’ve seen.


It isn’t anything special. Very basic fare. Buffet with a meat carving station.


I am always surprised by the reviews too- we ate there albeit a few years back and it was good we thought. It will be interesting to know what you think.


We ate at Hollywood & Vine during our April trip for the Fantasmic Dinner Package. It was the cheapest in regards to the package and that is why I booked it. The food is good, but it is nothing special. I chose to do the package so I wouldn’t have to wait in line for 1+ hours to see the show. There is no way my kids would have made it!!!

I do LOVE H&V for their Playhouse Disney breakfast. We have done that about 6 times and really enjoy it. They serve the usual buffet breakfast, but it always seems to be empty!! It is far from crowded and the kids always have fun there. Plus the characters are a nice change from the Minnie & Mickey crowd.


We liked it very much and go there whenever we need the Fantasmic Pkg.


Nothing special. just your average buffet food.