Hollywood and vine


just got back from a great trip,tried holywood and vine…for the fourth time in the last 15 years …before telling you my impression I was wondering what others had to say…I await your impressions


Breakfast THUMBS UP! Although it’s time to switch out the characters! :laugh:

Dinner was good the first TWO times I’ve been there . . . the last two ICK!!:blow:

We tried CP lunch this weekend, I have to say with the redo they’ve KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!! It was awesome!! We were a party of 25 and there wasn’t ONE complaint! :heart:


i haven’t been there in over 5 years, have it on the plan to do this year. I have always done it with the characters there. It was always good and the characters were the best really played with the kids more that most.


its not one of my favorite places, I would pick CP over it


It’s one of our least favorite.


We ate dinner there 5 or 6 years ago and really enjoyed it but I haven’t read many good reviews since then.


We used to like Hollywood & Vine but last time we went there, June '09, we were SO sorely dissapointed. The quality of food seemed to drop drastically & there were items on the buffet that were barely edible. I was REALLY surprised for a Disney restaurant.


well,after having one of our best trips ever,chefs,citricos,raglan road,brown deby,even rain forest…etc the last night we decided to try HV one more time ,too review,the food was not good,but something happenned that just was very strange,as i proceeded down the buffet line,observing poorly prepared food,i then got to the carving section,and asked for a slice of beef,the person asked me ,well how much,i said a normal slice please,she then said now what would that be ,and i said a slice about a quarter of an inch,using my fingers to describe thethickness,she said once again what size,and i said whatever you feel is normal ,she then sliced a piece about as big as a nickel and said would that piece be OK ,i would’ve thought she was kidding but she was dead serious,I said could i pleae just have a normal slice ,which she then sliced a normal slice…i walked away thinking it was just me,…i then returned to the line later and witnessed another incident another customer had gotten to the carving station and started to go back in line and the same person yelled at him sir you cannot go that way we are closing the line,i went through the line and got out,he unfortuneatly was trapped ,they robed him in in a split second and turned the lights out on that side of the buffet,then several other workers started to just ignore customers and were taliking as if the man did not exist…needless to say besides the food quality,this restraunt has some serious management problems,…i could go on …but i believe you got the jist…i will not be going there again anytime soon,on the plus side the waiter was very nice ,but just shrugged as if what else is new when i relayed what had happenned ,and said they have some issues.


Management or cultural?


Last June, the food was just decent. Nothing special, but nothing horrible either. I would though say that HV was CHAOS. We were there for lunch and there were kids running and screaming EVERYWHERE. I love kids, but I have a short fuse for ignorant people and all around general rudeness. Letting your 4 year old make their own plate at a large buffet is just insane and there were several kids with free reign at HV. If you have a calm kid and you can monitor them, fine. But letting them go do whatever they want? No sir!

Seeing as chaotic as it was last year, I doubt we will go again there anytime soon. I was disappointed it was as bad as it was. I have reservations for 50’s Prime Time again instead.


some people can be so rude, thats why we only went there once and no after reading what happened to you don’t plan on going back


We ate there for dinner several years ago and to tell you the truth, that s been our least favorite WDW dining experince. Food was so-so at best and the place was kind of messy we thought…


i have to agree my Hollywood and vine experience wasn’t the greatest. There was a few good selections but not amazing. I had the experience but i know I’ll never go back. It’s sad when something Disney is disappointing. :frowning: Im starting to think with the exception of MAYBE 50’s prime time, Hollywood studios isn’t the best place to dine.