Hollywood & Disneyland ABD


My mom and I are giving serious consideration to taking the Adventures by Disney trip that goes to Hollywood and Disneyland. We’ll be two adults travelling without kids. How exactly do the backstage tours work if there are young kids on the tour (mainly at Disneyland)? I know 90% of the backstage tours at WDW are not open to anyone under 16 so how would a backstage tour work with little kids at Disneyland? We don’t have anything against kids or people bringing their kids on the trip, we just don’t know how it works exactly. Would we be better off taking an adult only trip? Any help would be appreciated.


I am not sure how the tours work at DL. You may want to call there and ask soem questions before booking. I am assuming they have the same rules in regards to children under 16 when it comes to the back stage tours, but I am not 100% on that.


Oh how I wish that I could go to Hollywood and pay a visit to Disneyland. But that wish will happen once in a blue moon or probably never. Its hard when you are miles away from it and one that is living in Asia. Life is hard at the same time, leisure is rare.


Have you taken your trip yet? Hope it was fun. I’m going on the Backstage Magic AbD in 2 months and bringing along my sister, neice and sister-in-law. This will be the first time on a Disney trip for the 3 of them, so I’m so excited to share that experience with them.

Tell us how your trip went, ok? :phone: