Hollywood Studio Dinner, Where do we go?


Trying to finish up our final plans and only have one more puzzle piece to fit in. Where is the best place to eat for dinner at Holly. Studios ? Counter service? Sit down ? Buffet? Makes no difference.


Well we really enjoy 50’s Prime Time. From our experience the food is very good, and we enjoy the atmosphere, and entertainment. The waiters can be hysterical. Our most recent waiter (JEFF) was a hoot! It is all set in the 50’s with the decor to match. TV’s at or near your table are playing old 50’s reruns like leave it to beaver, Mickey Mouse Club, etc.

We also enjoy Sci Fi. We have eaten both lunch and dinner. I prefer the lunch menu myself. You sit in a car while dining. The whole place is a “drive in”, very cool. Some of the waiters/hostess’ wear skates. You are in the dark, and facing a jumbo screen showing old Sci Fi flicks and cartoons. We love it.


Counter service is kind of spotty in the Studios.
I’ve got no use for 50’s Prime Time.
Sci-Fi is OK, but it’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Hollywood and Vine is a buffet, but the Playhouse Disney characters are in residence here, but many adults and teens don’t care for them, while the food is good.
That pretty much leaves Brown Derby which is good, but pricey and Mama Melrose’ which is Italian and not everyone’s favorite, but look at their menu.

In a lot of ways, dining at the Studios is pretty weak when compared to Epcot or the MK and now even AK is doing better in this department.

(These comments are not responses to Daisee. We were both composing and posting at the same time.)


I agree with the ones already mentioned here: Prime Time and Sci Fi are great sit down places. Hollywood and Vine is a very nice Disney buffet, similar to what you’d get at Chef Mickey’s without the characters.

For a counter serve, I’d say the Commissary is your best bet.


Oh, forgot about CS… we like ABC Commissary. We tried that for the first time recently and it was pretty good, and in the A/C.


50 s prime time is really good love the PB&J shakes there …

Also Hollywood and vine for Dinner doesnt have characters but its a good buffet

Have never been to Sci fi so I cant tell you about it


DHS really lacks great places to eat. We have done the buffet at Hollywood and Vine many times, it’s OK. We have done 50’s primetime, same kitchen as H&V but with entertainment from Mom. Sci-fi is only good for the atmosphere and the Milk Shakes. Mama Melrose serves fine itailian, nothing great tho.


You’ve both forgotten, they switched from no characters to Playhouse Disney a year or so back. There is a character lunch and a character breakfast, but no character dinner. Maybe we will return after all sometime for dinner.
They were originally planning to do a Pixar character meal there, but I seem to recall something about worrying about Sully’s long hair winding up in guests’ food.


We enjoy Sci Fi and 50’s PrimeTime. It’s not 5 star dining but the atmoshere is fun and something different than what we have at home.

I stick with basic foods (burgers/Reuben) at sci Fi and always enjoy my meal.
The PB&J milkshake at 50’s PT made with chocolate ice cream is pretty good, tastes like a peanut butter cup.


From everything I have heard here I had the feeling that a place to eat needed to be based off of theme instead of food.

For our trip in Sept. I picked Sci Fi for DH. He loves all that science fiction stuff! (+ everyone seems to agree that they have good milkshakes!)



Another vote here for Sci-Fi.
A family favorite!


MissSMIG and I really enjoyed 50’s Prime Time.
Our family wasn’t very impressed with Hollywood & Vine
And I don’t remember much of the SciFi


For some reason, I NEVER plan on eating any TS meals here! None of the places really appeal to me. I would try Brown Derby one day, since I LOVE a good Cobb Salad! But I just haven’t had the chance, yet.

As for CS, I’d go with ABC Commissary. They have a few different items there, in addition to burgers and fries! DH had the Cuban sandwich and it was REALLY good! I’d get that next time!


We have eaten at H&V, 50’s Prime Time, Mama Melroses, and Sci Fi. H&V didn’t thrill me at all. We ate there twice and it wasn’t very good either time. It is a buffet, and we ate there before the character meal started, but the food wasn’t that good-in fact, it was probably our worst meal for the trip.
We like Prime Time, good fried chicken, good s’mores, fun atmosphere. You shouldn’t eat here if you are shy. You never know when you will be standing up in front of total strangers singing “I’m a little teapot”!!
Mama Melrose’s was yummy last year. We have only eaten here once, and will be there again this year. I had a great steak, wonderful desert and yummy bread. The service wasn’t the best, but I really liked the food.
Sci Fi was ok. Food wasn’t bad, just your typical sandwich, salad, burger kind of fare. Cool atmosphere, sitting in cars at the drive in, and the pictures you take of everyone at the table are cool.
As far as CS goes, we like the ABC Commissary-good cuban sandwiches. We tend to do Pizza Planet, just because it is too cool to eat pizza outside with Buzz watching over you!!
Good luck with your decisions. Hope this helps!


Ya know I just realized I have not tried many restaurants at the the Studios; I’ve only eaten at the ABC Commissary. ABC was pretty good, normal counter serivice food.


we always do abc commissary and pizza planet - nothing special, but good. i enjoyed the cuban at abc commissary, the kids and DH liked the fish sandwhiches.


I know I was lukewarm about Sci Fi, but of all of you, I’ve probably been there the most recently, last Tuesday to be exact.
We did lunch and we both had the ribs. We were on the deluxe dining plan, so price was no object. Wife had a shake, I had chili, neither of us cared for dessert, we were full. It was ok, just not memorable, and truth be told, I’d like it if the ledge you have for your food were deeper than they are.
As for the chili, I prefer my/Carrol Shelby or my/Wick Fowler chili. Theirs didn’t have enough meat and too much beans.


You go to 50s Prime time and order the Pot Roast and S’mores for dessert! No one can beat that place :]


Oh and for quick service, I reccomed Pizza Planet! Awesome Atmosphere if you like the Toy Story movies. :]]]


Once again you guys are great!!! Input very helpful. We have one day designated for HS and we will take a shot at one of the following:
Hollywood and Vine
ABC Comm.
Pizza Planet
Mamma Melrose
I will leave it up to the family vote. Democracy you know. Thanx again!!!