Hollywood Studios for an afternoon?


In reviewing what I can on Sept. hours, it looks like Fantasmic is only showing on Sept. 25th during our upcoming trip (other showing is during MNSSHP which we are going to). My question is - can we do HS in an afternoon? We arrive at MCO at 10:45 am. We were planning to go to Epcot for the afternoon but now I’m thinking HS as we have never seen Fantasmic. We don’t do RnR RC or ToT - it’s just me and DD5 (turning 6 while at WDW). During Sept. free dining do you think all fastpasses will be gone for Toy Story by early afternoon? That’s my only concern. I guess we could go back Sunday morning if we needed to and then hop to Epcot for rest of day. We are only there 5 days (including the 25th) and I wasn’t going to get hoppers but now I’m thinking I should. Sorry for the long question.


No, they’ll be all gone before noon:laugh: (I’m not kidding)


That’s exactly what I thought. Maybe we will just add the hopper and go back Sun. morning for a Toy Story Mania and then head over to Epcot!


It will be worth it. Toy Story Midway Mania out here at DCA rocks, you will love it, go for it.


You really need to be at Toy Story Mania first thing in the morning to get a fast pass. We got our fast past shortly after the park opened and the return time was mid-afternoon. By late morning the return time was in the late afternoon-early evening. We get a fastpass, then get in line for the ride if it isnt too horribly long.

If you do not go to all the shows, you can do HS in an afternoon.