Hollywood Studios is OPEN!


Hey yall. Just thought you’d like to know…The new Hollywood Studios section of DCA is open!! It has a great theme and actually looks like a Disney park for once! I went over to DLR today and what do ya know…? It was open! I didnt get to preview Mike and Sulley to the Rescue because I didnt have a lot of time in the parks but Disney did an AMAZING job at remodeling the area and re-theming it, I think DCA has MANY MANY good things coimg its way! I Just thought you all might want to hear about it. :smile:


That sounds awesome!!! I really would like to get over the Cali someday and go to DL!!! :wub:


I am so excited! I can’t wait to see it!


Was this the old “hollywood celebrity ride?”. I rode it ONCE. Never saw it open afterwards…

Also, is “Who wants to be a millionaire?” up and running again???


Who Wants to be a Millionare is officially closed and will not open again, the signs are gone and everything. And yes, the new Monsters Inc: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue replaced the old Superstar Limo attraction. And Muppets Vision 3D has a new entry, many trees have been added and news signs as well, a new fountain has been built, buildings have been repainted and a new section of Hollywood Pictures Backlot has been created, its called “Hollywood Studios” and it is very well themed and also has a new place to eat as well, it was EXTREMELY well done! :smile:


woaahhHOHOHO!!! I am the hugest Disneyland Resort fan…how did I now know this was happening!!! I mean, I knew about Mike and Sulley, and Millionare being gone but I had no idea they were making a “hollywood Studios” part, and with a resturant!!! WOWZERS!

Anaheimboy…please do not tell me you went and saw it and didn’t photo document it for the DCers??? puppy dog eyes :smile:


tee hee hee, Im sorry to say but no pictures to offer. But yup, theres an actual new section in HPB, its very cool…you’ll love it!


I am extremely excited about this. My first impressions of that area several years ago were very weak. I am so glad I will get to see the new remodeled version in june. I just hope Mike & Sulley’s is open by then. ToT is in that area too, right? Have you gone on it yet?


Cool! Something new to check out!

Now to see some pictures.


I have ridden every single ride in DCA (this doesnt count the new Monsters Inc ride though, im going to try to get on it today), even the kiddie rides! lol. But the new ride officially opens in January, I believe its somewhere around January 27th or so. And yes, the TOT is right in that area, across the way from the new studios is a boulevard, just follw that and TOT is at the end of it, its not like you cant not see it, lol. :tongue:


One of these days I’ll actually make it out to California and see Disneyland…

Thanks for the info.