Holy Crap! I have a day left on my 3 day play pass Trip Report!


So my DBFF (Disney Best Friend Forever) from DC came into town for the holidays and she was itching to get to Disney. She hadn’t been there since she was a CM 5 years ago, but she’s a poor college student and it’s not really a top priority and didn’t think it was possible until Spring Break of 2011.

Well well my friends sometimes the cards play in our favor. I went back in August for 2 days and at the time the 3 day play passes were $99 so I bought that instead. I didn’t think I’d be able to use it as everyone else was Disneyed out :closedeye but my DBFF’s Dad gave her some Christmas money and she decided, we’re going to Disney! I will say it was a wise decision she made.

Thankfully we closed the business for the holidays so I was free the week after Christmas. We decided to head out Monday morning and head back Tuesday night.

It was a quick, last minute trip, and rather rushed, but an awesome time never the less.

Details to follow in the next post.


Can’t wait to read all about it!!!


How great to go just like that- can’t wait to hear about all what you did.


ok, I am here, poised for adventure


Now as I mentioned above, it was a rushed, quick trip so I’m going to go through everything we did as quickly as we did it. Oh and you have to play along and read it as fast as it happened.


The day started bright and early for me at 5:00 AM, just because I’m going to Disney doesn’t mean I should go and work out.


Go to gym
Go home and get showered and wait for DH to take me to the car rental agency
Go to rental agency, rent car
Go to office, I need an address for a package I needed to mail
Go to Post Office, mail package
Get on the road to pick up DBFF
Get to DBFF’s house

Me: “Hey are you hungry?”
DBFF: “OMG I’m starving!”
Me: “You wanna stop at Dandee Donut and get delicious breakfast sandwiches?”
DBFF: “No I’m TOO excited to get to Disney, let’s just get on the road, we’ll stop at the Pompano Beach Plaza.”
Me: "Okay cool!

Throw the stuff in the back of the car
Get on the road
Get on the Turnpike; yessssss we’re on our way!

See a sign for that the Pompano Beach Plaza is closed! Closed! Are you kidding me, it’s 12:00 and we’re STARVING! Okay whatever, not going to ruin our excitement, we’ll stop on West Palm Beach.

Stop at West Palm Beach Plaza; with all of the other Turnpike drivers! This place was so busy it took an hour out of our precious driving.

Inhale our food and hit the road again
Get off on Osceola Parkway, see the 12 miles to Disney sign and get way excited
Get close to the Welcome to Disney sign, roll past slowly for photos (there is after all no time to stop)
Pull into Epcot
Pay to park
Rush to the Tram
Ride Tram to front
DBFF buys her ticket
Get our bags checked
Step into the park
Ah Epcot it’s so nice to see you again :heart:

Wait a second, it’s cold outside :eek: really cold, time to pull out that wool coat in my backpack.

Get standard photo in front of the golf ball
Ride golf ball
Stop for other photos near the big beautiful Christmas tree, and the fountain that played a beautiful Andrea Bocelli song.

Off to the World Showcase we go. That’s all we were really interested in so we skipped a lot of the pre World Showcase goodness.

Hello Canada, a lovely waterfall and store you have
Hello United Kingdom. Beer goggles, interesting.
France, you’re beautiful, and so is your movie!
Moracco, man thanks for treating my belly to a delicious dinner and tasty dessert.

Oh should I mention how cold it was outside again, yes it was cold, very cold, I’m a Floridian, 30’s is very cold for me. As we’re eating dinner our little fingers were very cold and started to turn blue. The outside eating wasn’t an option and the indoor was just as cold because the doors were open. It’s okay though, the food was delicious as was the atmosphere so we took the cold in stride.

[B]Japan, I’m sorry we have to skip you it’s cold and we’re rushing to someplace.
America, what what there are still good seats to the Candlelight Processional, sure we’ll stop, and sit outside, on a cold metal bench to watch.

I’m a sheltered individual and have never actually seen the show. [/B]

Conversation mid processional
DBFF: “Hey!”
Me: “Yeah?”
DBFF: “You cold?”
Me: “Um yeah a little bit, my butt’s frozen, I can’t feel it.”
DBFF: “You wanna go?”
Me: “Um yeah probably.”

I apologize to those who may have been attending the processional and those singing during the processional but these Floridians were cold and we had to go.

Italy, thanks for the mini bottle of Chamborde, I’m sure it will help keep me warm later
Germany, sniff sniff sniff, sniff sniff sniff

Another conversation

[I]Me: “You smell that? What is that?”
DBFF: “Yeah I smell it, it smells really good, I don’t know what it is but we have to find it, and find it now!”

We happened upon a wonderful carmel candy store in Germany. The beautiful young ladies and gentleman in the store said they just opened October 1st. It smelled heavenly and I instantly turned into a hound dog and let me nose bring me into the store. Whilst there I indulged in a small bag of carmel corn.
[B]China, not tonight, sorry
Norway, everyone loves trolls and a ride, never the movie, sorry movie.
Mexico, your new restaurant is BEAUTIFUL!

No fireworks tonight it was off to the hotel
The tram ride in the cold was no fun
Off to the hotel
Checked into the hotel
Get in the room
DBFF jumped on the bed in pure Girl Trip excitement[/B]

Monday is over…


And now the photos, I mean isn’t that what we really care about?


Ah, I’m only putting something here because it tells me to. LOL




Something else…


We’re getting to a close of the evening. :frowning:


heehee, it was fun reading Monday as fast as I could. I am out of breath. Why did we not go to Japan? :wacko:
I am impressed with how fast we did all this. How come you didn’t do ‘sorin’?


Just a couple more left for the evening :frowning:


Well I have to break the bad news, that’s it for Monday.

It was a blast and well worth the rushing around.

Enjoy the last set of photos for today.


One little monkey jumping on the bed… :laugh:


[QUOTE=Dopey;1061474]heehee, it was fun reading Monday as fast as I could. I am out of breath. Why did we not go to Japan? :wacko:
I am impressed with how fast we did all this. How come you didn’t do ‘sorin’?[/QUOTE]

No specific reason we skipped Japan. I think it was that we were SO cold and perhaps still in frozen butt shock that we rushed past it. Actually I think it’s because we were trying to get to Mexico and it was getting close to 9:30.

Soarin’ um we decided to pass on the 150 minute wait time.

DBFF and I are total park commando’s. :laugh:


Looks like so much fun! How exciting to go on an impromptu trip!!


Awesome pics love the beer goggles lol.:pirate:



I do too!!! Gonna look for them on my March trip. Definitely buying for dh (shhhhh!), and depending on price, a number of other “fans” of the brew!


What a fun trip! Just out of curiosity, how cold was it?


I think when we were leaving Monday night it was 32 degrees. :eek: