Holy Moly, Ten Days Flew by!


We are back! Took over 700 pictures!! Many highlights, few low lights, I’ll be back with photos later!:happy:


700 photos! wow it must have been good! excited to hear all about it.


yay you’re back. I missed you!!!

10 days did not go by fast here


[QUOTE=Dopey;1008218]yay you’re back. I missed you!!!

10 days did not go by fast here[/QUOTE]

I missed her more!:tongue:

Anyway…so glad you are back and I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. The good, the bad and the ugly!:laugh::blink:


Ok, our flight was late due to turbulence (yikes!!) but we made it and were off on the ME in no time. We did see plenty of cheerleaders, but thankfully they were not waiting on line for our resort. :))


Even my teenager was happy…


Quick check in at POFQ, and we found a Mickey on the bed. This was only the beginning of the towel creations for our trip. We had an outstanding mousekeeper, the boys looked forward to coming back to our room every night to see what she had left us.


Hmm, notice the boys are all laying down…figures…


Ok, off to the Magic Kingdom, which, was NOT, I repeat, NOT crowded, and it was already after 3.


Not a great picture of the Castle, but I wanted to point out the sky. NO sun. Which, unfortunately, did not make many appearances during this trip. :frowning:


We rode the TTA, of course, as it is always the first thing we do when we get to the Magic Kingdom.

Here is the reaction it got.

Cole’s exact words were “well, that was terrible.”


Boy it gets dark fast in FL! Here’s a shot of the castle from the first night.


Dinner at the Crystal Palace, because that is how we do it. :slight_smile:


Glad you had a great time! I can’t wait to see all of these pictures! :happy:


I don’t remember much else about this night. All in all a good first day, and we were ready to go back to our room and sleep.

There were a few things I really wanted to do on this trip. Chefs de France was one of them, and we did it. Remy was very cute, but I really wasn’t too impressed with the meal. The french onion soup was yummy, and the bread was good, but I don’t think it would be on my list to do again. It has a charming atmosphere, and the service was excellent. I guess I just expected more (meal wise.)


Here’s a photo of the some of the decor. It was very pretty. :slight_smile: But reminded me that I still had my house to decorate at home…


I also really wanted to see the characters from UP and luckily we stumbled upon them on our second day. We slept in, and wound up getting to DS too late to ride ToyStoryMidwayMania, so we decided to just wander around and do other things instead.

Mr. Fredrickson was at the doctors that morning, so we had to come back another time, which we didn’t mind. Here’s a photo from the first meet and greet.


I told Doug that my dh was being contrary, so he and Russell took care of that…


After a quick trip to Muppet Vision and Star Tours, we decided to head over to the Animal Kingdom. We have not had good luck with buses in the past at DS, but we waited 5 minutes, and the bus showed up! :slight_smile:

But, first, a photo with the DS tree.


I have to say, Animal Kingdom is something I look forward to every trip. I think I could ride the on the safari all day long, and never tire of it. This trip was no exception. I think we rode it 10 times! Each time it was different, some guides were absolutely marvelous, and some were just going through the motions. So its important to ride more than once!