Home again, let the PDD begin!


Well, actually, my PDD is not so bad this time…for reasons I will discuss later!

We arrived home very late Wednesday night/into Thursday morning. So, I’ve done some posting, but haven’t started a TR for fear I won’t finish it…or worse, I won’t have anything to write about. I’d like to take a lesson from Jessica in TR writing, but I’ll give it a run anway!

Here is a brief synopsis:

Me (this was my 30th bday present from DH, my bday was 2 weeks before we left)
DH (31)
DD (4 1/2)
DD (10 months)

Our resort: Disney’s Polynesian Resort
Dates: 9/9/08-9/17/008

Some little tidbits:

I have to say I was sorely dissapointed with the Poly. It had been such a dream to stay there, and I ended up leaving with the feeling that it was overrated and not sure whether I would want to stay there again. The bus service is atrocious, my room was less than “disney clean,” the food court employees were less than helpful and happy and the food court itself was lacking. On the other hand, the layout is perfect, the resort is beautifully themed, and well, you can’t beat the location!

We booked the Deluxe dining plan as an upgrade from free dining. Overall, it was way too much time and food and money and I don’t think I’d do it again. We basically did a character/table service breakfast and a double TS credit restaurant for dinner. Since the gratuity is not included, we ended up spending a pretty penny for gratuities (much more than we could have bargained for) and feel like we wasted a lot of time waiting around for our reservation sitting or waiting for service or characters during the meals. We ended up with 20 snacks leftover on the last day, and to my dismay, couldn’t find a whole lot to take home. The old rule of anything under $4 went out the window. See, the CM’s were very specific about making sure the item was a “single serving” under $4. By this I mean, if a large back of Chip n’ Dale snack company pretzels was $3.50, they wouldn’t let us use a snack credit because the large bag is considered more than a single serving. We were only allowed to purchase the smaller, 2 oz snack bag which really only costs $1.75. This was a repeated mantra by every CM I encountered at each park and at our resort. I’m really jaded about that whole bit. These little bags are barely enough of a snack for my 4 year old, and do nothing for me or my DH.

The photopass photosession prices have indeed changed as of September 1st. The bad part, is no one mentioned anything to us until AFTER the session was done, then they tried to charge me all sorts of exhorbitant prices for the session, and charge me the $124.95 seperately for my regular photopass CD of the pictures we had taken all week long. Well, since I had already made the reservation and agreed to the previous pricing, I was not about to spend an additional $200 for a 20 minute picture session!

The GREAT news in all this is our decision to buy into DVC! DH and I had been tossing around the possibility for years, but decided it was time now! Heck, if you add up the last 4 trips we’ve taken, we could have paid for in cash by now! Knowing that we are going back again soon (we DID receive 250 bonus points to use this year), keeps my PDD to a minimum for now!

I’ll post more as I can. I still have to upload my camera pics and copy the photopass photos onto my computer!


Cool Tr. I felt the same way about OKW this trip. We were less than impressed. I feel your pain. But, there are indeed some great things and thats what we tried to focus on. I am glad you found some positive. Can’t wait to hear more.


Can’t wait to read more about your trip!

We might have passed you at the Poly - we stayed there 9/11 - 9/14. We enjoyed staying at the Poly for the same reasons you did, and we found the same problems that you did as well.

Congratulations on DVC!!! You will love it! We have definatly gotten our moneys worth out of the DVC, and we still have 30+ years to enjoy it!

Can’t wait to read more!!


I can’t wait to read more and see some pics!


Sorry you had so many problems with the Poly, photographs, dining plan. I’m getting alittle nervous now because we’re going to the Poly in 13 days.


Sorry your stay at the Poly wasn’t your dream destination. All in all it sounds like it was worthwhile especially since you bought in to DVC! That is so great. Enjoying your TR so far.


Can’t wait to hear all the GOOD!!

Sorry the Poly had some issues . …


Awww…Crystal. I am SO SORRY The Poly wasn’t what you expected. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, since you will be staying DVC STYLE!!! Congrats!!! I hope you got a great deal! :happy:

Can’t wait to hear more.