Home from a good trip


will post pics, was a good trip…little trying at times 8 grown women…6 of them had never been. I had a great time myself, but not sure they all did. Weather was what you would expect for sept. but i loved it, well except the rain…did get drench a couple of times. Only dis appointment for me was we tried 4 times to see Fantasmic and it got rained out all 4 times. Plus there was no bounce back offer. I so wanted to book before I left. Two things I got myself on trip. The green ring is from Germany and the pearl is from Japan…I got a silver one.


Disney Lunch at the Castle


Splash Mountain They loved this ride and we did get wet!!!


Main Street Bakery
Everyone Loved the Breakfast!!!


Welcome back! The rings are lovely. I will be doing some shopping in Epcot Germany :slight_smile: next time I visit!

I can’t wait to see more pictures and hear more about your trip. I bet you have some great stories, especially traveling with 8 women!

Sorry about the rain - that stinks!


Welcome back, great pics so far! yes can’t wait either to hear everything- 8 women, wow that must be hard trying to find things to suit everyone- tell all!


8 ladies… I could see how that might be a challenge. Looking forward to more pictures and stories.


I love that pearl ring!! glad it was a good trip!


Great pics so far! Can’t wait to see and hear more.


Thanks so much for the pictures, I am really going through withdrawals.

In all the trips we made with my DD, we never did do the Castle meal. Now that I see your pics I am really sorry we didn’t!

Guess I need to tell my kids I also want a grand daughter!



8 women! Wow! You’re brave. Those are some delicious looking desserts!


What was that from the bakery? Was it yummy?


ummmm, that is not Splash Mountain, hehe
that’s Expedition Everest!! :mickey:


[QUOTE=Dopey;1091862]ummmm, that is not Splash Mountain, hehe
that’s Expedition Everest!! :mickey:[/QUOTE]

you are right see 8 women in one trip can mess you up. It was fun but would not go with 8 again…only got to ride stuff once. Will post more pictures later .:mickey: