Home-made autograph book ideas


My oldest DD told me she wants to make an autograph book at home this year, and bring it with us to Disney. My first thought was to get an index card notebook, that way the pages would be thick, rather than flimsy, and she can decorate the front and back anyway she would like. But, after going to the store and looking at them, I think they will be too small for some of the characters to hold in their hands. So, now I am baffled.
So, my question is, has anyone else ever made a home-made autograph book, and what ways did you do it?


so after posting I started looking through the “arts and crafts” forum and noticed that there are a few ideas for autograph books. I am thinking that the craft store might be a better place to start. But, if anyone comes up with any other ideas for autograph books, I would LOVE to hear them!


The index cards are a good idea. Just use the unlined 5 x 8 ones. Then to hold them together just punch holes in them and either put them in a 51/2 x 81/2 binder or you could get that foam material and make a cover out of that and tie it together with ribbon through the punched holes.


I downloaded one from the internet a couple of years ago and printed it, even could personalize it. Dang if I remember the website but try googling it.


I don’t have any pictures of the one I made for DS.

I used scrapbooking paper for the pages, the kind that’s a little thicker, but not cardstock. I think it was 6x6. I bought cheap photo albums at the dollar store and cut them apart. Using spray adhesive OUTSIDE (that is an important part as the fumes really get to you fast plus it’s messy!) I attached the photo slip to the left side (back side) of the page and left the right side free for the autograph.

For the cover I used mat board that you buy at Hobby Lobby. I used 2 pieces for each front and back and glued them together using the spray adhesive. I then attached any decorations (scrapbooking chipboard embellishments) and used Modge Podge to strengthen everything and hold everything together.

I attached everything together using snap rings and tied a clicky-Sharpie to it so he wouldn’t lose it.

After our trip I slid the pictures I had taken with each character in next to the autograph and had an instant album!

One tip I did learn the hard way, find a plastic bag to store it in. It rained…hard…one day and the glue and Modge Podge softened quite a bit. If we had thought early enough, we would have slipped in into a bag, but we realized it too late. Even a shopping bag from one of the stores would have worked well.


A few years ago DD and I make a scrapbook to take with us. I bought a Creative Memories photo album on ebay 6 x 6. With stickers and Disney themed scrapbooking papers we made a page for each character we wanted to see. I made 2 pages for each character. The page on the left would be for the autograph and the page on the right was where I put the picture of DD and the character when I got home. It worked out great and we still love looking through it. We also made generic pages in the back for random characters that we didn’t expect to see.

It also turning into sort of a hunt for characters to make sure we found everyone we made a page for. Pocahontas’ page is still empty! :pinch:


A friend of mine took a plain mat (like you would put around a picture) and had the characters autograph that. Then she could display not only some cute pictures of the trip but also the autographs. I thought that was a great idea and plan to do it for our next trip!