Homemade Disney shirts


I’ve noticed in some of the trip reports I’ve read how talented some of you MBers are with shirtmaking. Can anyone offer up some advice on how you make your AWESOME shirts? I’d love to make some for my family’s December trip.


Good Question. I think I would also like to know.


I’m in the process right now of designing our shirts. We are using an Apple program called… Mozodojo. IT is so easy. You can drop a picture of any kind… and then use your own family photos. IT arranges them and it turns them into mosaic tiles. Really cool!


They are fantastic! I love the Pirate one and the Mickey ears too-beautiful.


Those are so cute! Great Job!!


Are these the same iron on sheets that they have at Office Max or something special?


Thats a great idea. I may make some up for our family if DD will stop growing long enough to stay in one for a week or so. She is 12 and already taller than her DM and almost up to me at 6’ 1" She went from size 5 to 9 in shoes in the last year and every time I get something special for her it seems to only fit for a few weeks.


Wow Beth, those were great!! I love them.


Office Max here has special transfers for dark colors but they were almost twice the price of the regular.


Hi Beth - it’s your friend from the neighborhood (Tina); little did I know that when I posted this question you’d be the one who responded:laugh: . WOW! the shirts are great, I’m going to have to come over so you can teach me how to do this before our December trip. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one with everyones name on the mickey ears:wub: . We’re now up to 8 for our trip; both sets of grandparents are coming along with us - can’t wait - I thought I’d surprise everyone with personalized matching shirts the night we attend MVMCP.


Wow, those are adorable!! Where did you get the “pattern” for the mickey head one . . . or did you do it on your own?


Not yet, still haven’t decided.

Oh, by the way CONGRATS on booking the POLY (what a great surprise and it’ll make transportation easier for you); the kids are going to love the pool!


More outstanding work - LOVE them all.:wub:


Beth - you do awesome work! I definitely need to take “Beth’s shirtmaking class” prior to our December trip.


Beth I absolutely love those tye die shirts!!! They are spectacular. I think we need to have a little meet and greet one of these days, I would love to have you show me how to do those!


Great job Beth! The tie dye ones are amazing. You are very talented. You are all going to look so great wearing them.


Great idea! You did some great looking shirts.


i want to make those shirts!!! I want tie dye dorkman shirts!! they came out so great Beth! Great job!!


I had thought about getting some pictures from last years trip and taking them to walmart and haveing them to put them on a T shirt I think it cost around $11. The ones that I have seen other people do look really good. And they supply the shirt.


Those are AMAZING!!! You keep this up, and you can start your own business!!! Great JOB and very original!