Homemade Valentines Day Mailboxes!


Just thought I’d share these with everyone! I came up with this idea last year but didn’t get a chance to do it since I was in Disney for VDay on my internship! But these are little love letter mailboxes that I made for my nieces and nephews to hold candy and treats and ofcourse valentine cards for them on Valentines Day! I’m really proud of them, I love the idea so much! It was pretty simple! All I used was the tin mailboxes (Target dollar spot), one sided sticky bubble letters in pastels, Valentines (Tangled for the girls, Pixar for the boys!), I made handmade envelopes, candy, lollipops and some tissue paper! I also am making cookies for them! I made 5. (3 nieces- pink boxes. 2 nephews- red boxes) Here are some pictures! I’ll be putting a tutorial on my blog… Adventures of a WDWCP! :wub:


Here are more pictures of the mailboxes. Sorry for the quality, my webcam didnt like the lighting and I couldnt find my point and shoot! lol. :blush:


I’m also making sugar cookie or shortbread cookies like this… minus the handwritten letter. So the envelopes and the hearts.



You are so clever! They are going to love these tomorrow. I wish I was creative like you…I need a hobby! :slight_smile:


Adorable! I wish I had seen this earlier so I could do it for my little loved ones. :heart: Definitely doing it next year!


Thank you guys for the nice comments! I love making little things like this! :wub: I guess it runs in the family, my mom always made some little special thing for us on holidays, (Easter baskets, stockings, halloween buckets!)

It definitely is a nice, personal and pretty cheap way of making Valentine’s a little more special for the kiddos! :] I should have posted it earlier, but I forgot to :blush: I think with all the materials I used I only spent about 14 dollars for 5 awesome presents!


I LOVE these! Such a cute little idea! I love getting creative around the different holidays! Ooo those cookies look familiar, I’ve been wanting to bake them for an age now but just can’t seem to get round to it! I’ve heard they are delicious!


Haha, same here! I came across those cookies I think a year or 2 ago and I was going to make them last year for VDay, but I arrived in Disney for my internship last year on Feb. 8th, and I didn’t have the time to decorate them with everything that was going on.

This year, is different hopefully! Making them tonight or tomorrow, since my nieces and nephews aren’t coming over til Wednesday! :wub:


Beautiful! I wish I had seen these earlier!


Can I hire you next year???

What a creative mind you have:)


SOOOO cute Stacey!! I love them!! :heart: How did the wee ones like them?


Thanks Jill! The kids LOVED them! :]