Homes around Lake Buena Vista?



I know I have asked this before but I really want to ask again. We would like to buy a home or townhouse near LBV to rent out for now with the thought that when we are ready to make the move to FLA (about 20 years) we would have a spot (to work for Mickey).

I was wondering if all you FLA residents could point me in the right general direction. What towns/areas should we be looking in the area more country and less city. I can’t imagine spending my golden years in downtown Orlando.:blow:

What would be a good area to look for housing?


wow talk about planing ahead…LOL i cant even plan for next week …
well one question how much you whant to drive to go to Disney? 10min15?
30? how much is too much?
Davenport is at exit 55 of i4 (Disney is exit 62 to 68) so you be close,clermont is also close but trafic in that area is bad too close to the atractions and US192.
Lakeland is about 45min away. are you looking for a subdivision kind of house or house and land of your own?
these places are west of orlando and you are still close to the atractions and about 45min to downtown Orlando(not to mention about 2hrs from tampa ,more or less)
Hope this helps if not ask all you like im here :laugh:


skwak and spawn51 i have some info go to Selling homes in all of Central Florida - INvision Real Estate and talk to Giovanna D’ Alessandro she will help you to find a good homes in orlando and Lake Buena vista.


I have to give them a call. Giovanna has the same last name as my wife! Joe


joseph3947 here is her number is 1-407-397-4829 or 1-321-624-8855


Thank you, Jeany! Joe


Joseph3947 my name isn’t joe it is Jeany Sanchez.



I would say driving 30 to 40 minutes to WDW would be fine for working purposes. I think we would be most interested in something simple at that point of our life. I have done so much on my current house that I can’t imagine doing it again at age 60. :laugh:

More than anything we are looking for a nice spot that is rentable now but which we might want to live in latter in life.

I see that Jeany031 has provided some help also. Thank you!!


Hey skwak… We worked on this exact idea ourselves for several months this year… ParkHopper was an enormous help. After researching, talking to realtors, looking at photos, etc., we realized the importance of visiting this area in person. In that area especially, there are factors like town lines, traffic patterns, tourist hot-spots, etc. Most important, you can have one really lovely town right next to a town that needs a little work… also, the prices of the houses varied so much by town.
At the end of our “search” we decided just to book another non-park trip to the area to check it all out in person!


Just out of curiousity - how far out are you planning?


in the middle in August.