Honest opinion


I would like to know what is you honest opinion of having a meal in the castle with cinderella. Is it worth the price? Which meal would you choose. Or would you think seeing her at another location is better that eating at the castle.


I voted for lunch. I don’t know how old your little one is, but my daughter would be much happier and alert at Lunch time than any other time.


If Cindy is who you are after specifically, 1900 Park Fare is better than CRT, IMHO. The character interaction was wonderful and the food is very great.


Oh sorry the girls are 8 and 5. I went to 1900 park fare and loved it but I was wondering if I was a bad Disney mom for never taking the girls to eat at the castle


I’m one who happens to think the whole CRT thing is way over priced now. We went 3 times before the price went up and it was great but now I think Disney messed up and raised the price too much. If you have never been in the castle then it may be worth it to you but I’m still not sure about that.


I thought CRT was overpriced BEFORE they raised the prices! But I went 2 times! I don’t think I will go again until unless they change it back to the old price, but I was there before. I guess it just depends on what you will get out of it. If your DD’s have been dying to go and it will be the best day of their life, then go for it!


I am also one who ate in the castle before it went up in price so drastically. I don’t think it’s worth it anymore,especially that they make you pay in full at time of booking.


I think the price has gone way to high:eek: . Our trip this comming Oct will be the first time we’ve gone and not done the Castle for breakfast:glare: . Yet if you’ve never gone you should go at least once, it is very magical. Breakfast is the cheaper way to go and I’ve always loved the food. Hope this helps. Tina


It is absolutely, definately overpriced. That being said, if you only go once and feel that you can afford the splurge - than do it. Vacations are a nice time to treat yourself without a whole lot of guilt. Especially if your girls are really, really wanting to go. However, don’t feel like you are a bad mom because you have never taken them - I am sure they will grow up to be fine adults even without this experience. :laugh:


Thanks for the info… I forgot to mention that we will be on the dining plan. Thats if they still have it for 07


Its worth going just to go inside the castle but really as all of the above have said its very overpriced and we didnt think the food was that great either.


I dont want to use 2 of my options for fining just to eat in the castle…


I wouldn’t either, it’s not worth it when you think about the other places you could use 2 credits.


We have gone to 1900 Park Fare and the castle to meet Cinderella. We enjoyed the castle more than 1900. I felt the character interaction was more personal. DD was 5 was DS 6 months. The pictures we have with DS and the princesses are priceless!


2 options for the castle??? Perhaps we can just use their bathroom to get inside!!


if not on the dining plan…about how much is it?? (per person) (child 3 yo.)
and forgive me for my cluelessness…but where is 1900 park fare? MK??


Breakfast is $31.99 for adults and children 3-9 are $21.99.

Lunch is served from noon to 3 p.m. and adults are $33.99 and children 3-9 are $22.99.

1900 Park Fare is at the GF resort.


I had lunch at the castle two weeks ago and to be honest was disappointed. But let me put it in persepective…I love the castle. I’ve been going since it was King Stefan’s (and not Cinderella’s Royal table). My sister and I remember having to run up Main St USA just to get same-day reservations because they didn’t take calls. Two weeks ago was probably the last time in a long while I will go again. Of all the character meals (I went to 3) it was the worst and MOST disorganized. Plus it was loud… you could barely hear the ‘wishing ceremony’. The food was okay, but there was little choices. One appetizer came out to share; you chose your entre; and you got one choice for dessert. While I got to sit by the windows and look out, I always felt rushed. I miss the days of a relaxing meal at the castle. Plus you only get to see Cinderella for a brief moment…to take a picture on the main floor. She doesn’t come upstairs. You have other princesses and the Fairy Godmother (she was the best in terms of interacting with us).

If your little one MUST visit the WDW castle…go at breakfast or lunch. I did not waste 2 of my ADRs here. The person who I made the reservations with said it was not worth using the ADRs and we should use them elsewhere.

If you want to see the princesses in a castle atmosphere, try Akershus. Not everyone likes the Norwegian food, but I happen to love it. It was a quieter and more organized place.

Otherwise, try finding Cinderella (and Prince Charming) at Park Fare at the GF.


We are doing CTR for Dinner, but my kids are older and it’s for a special anniversary diner. But if the girls were younger, I would have breakfast at the CRT.


I agree. I wouldn’t waste 2 credits either. We all loved Crystal Palace Breakfast for characters and I would much rather spend my 2 credits for the Hoop Dee Doo!