Honest Opinions of Mama Melrose's


I always try to eat at one new restaurant (for us) each trip. Last time we did Tony’s. It was ok, but I don’t think I’d go again. This time we’re trying Mama Melrose. I’ve heard such up and down reviews. Should we keep the ressie or try somewhere else?


I say keep it!! The first time we went we weren’t thrilled but we ate there in June and it was fantastic!!


I suggest keeping it as well. We truly enjoyed it in Sept. and I think everyone should try everything for themselves at least once.


YUCK! I have eaten there twice and didn’t like it either time. Just my opinion, don’t throw tomato’s at me!


:laugh: No - of course not - this is what I want. I’d like to know what you didn’t like about it. I mostly chose it because we’ll be at the Studios for Fantasmic.

Let’s make stuff clear: I don’t like overly spicy. I don’t like too much sauce on anything. I don’t like huge portions. I’m not an Italian food snob - if it tastes good, I don’t care how authentic it is.


I would say it was just ok as far as food goes- our experience there was horrible as they messed up our whole dining card and we had to pay cash for it on teh spot. It was a nightmare on my actual birthday and we were late getting to Fantasmic because the service was super slow and the mess up took forever to take care of. I doubt I would do it again and have to pay for it. I would rather a silly potroast meal from primetime over that anyday!


I can understand why that would turn you off the place. We don’t have the DDE and our time is for 5:30 - so I think we’ll be ok that way. I looked at the menu - it seems reasonable. I’m not a big eater, I often make a meal of two appetizers - so I would be happy with a Caesar Salad and Minestrone soup.


Its a long time since we ate there and as I recall it was OK? but can’t say what it is like recently.


I’d say keep your ressies. My dh and I didn’t like it at all. Bad food, bad service and tables to close together. My dh is hard of hearing because of the job he had, but he could hear every word the people were saying at the tables next to us. Saying that, there are alot of people on these boards who love it, so I say try it. You may be one of those that do like it.


Hmm - the bad service is starting to sway me…


We didn’t like it there for two reason’s the food was bad and I mean gross. I had plain spag noodles that weren’t done, still hard. Plus, the service was horriable. It was like they didn’t care if we were there or not. I felt like I throw my money out the window, at this meal!


Thank you for your opinion.:happy: I’m definitely re-thinking this one. …


I always look at it as Disney doesn’t have anything that’s truly BAD. Some are less enjoyable than others. Some people will have a less that perfect dining experience. But if anyplace was a consistent problem, they’d be gone.

Everything is worth trying for yourself once.

And btw, we ate there once. It was fine. Nothing stood out in my mind about it good or bad.


Yuck vote for me too. Their sauce tastes like Ragu. Our service was horrible, very very slow (but that was Nov 2007)

Studios doesn’t have many choices for dinner, especially fantasmic show. Hollywood & Vine is your only other choice unless you want to spend the 2 credits at Brown Derby. Food was good at H&V but I don’t care for buffets at DW. I like to sit for that hour and relax.

So keep the ressie if you want, just don’t expect alot and maybe all will be fine.


You know how I feel about it, but I say it again. I go there every single trip. I love Momma’s. Sometimes the service isn’t the fastest, but it’s nice to not rush my meal sometimes too. The food and servers are always good…again, not light speed service there. I think we are conditioned to rush, rush when we go to WDW…when is relaxing through a meal a bad thing? My favorite thing on the menu is the Spicey Sausage dish. Sara got it this time and they made it Alfredo for her…very good for both of us.


Our meal was several years ago, but this is a sore spot with us.

The service was far below Disney standards. We had to ask for everything: drinks, bread, etc.

The food was OK. Nothing spectacular - but nothing horrible either. Our expectations are always high - it is WDW and we want great food. I’ve had better meals at Applebee’s.

We’ve never had the urge to try it again - though we really ought to give it a chance again.


I know you always enjoy it, Dana. That’s why I thought of it. I don’t mind the service being “slower” if the staff is pleasant and it’s just a matter of not wanting to rush you. If they seat you and forget about you, that’s a different matter. For now I’m leaving it in place - with us nothing is written in gold, so I think we’ll decide when the time comes. Thanks for all the input.:happy:


I’d keep it, we ate there Dec 11th and all 8 of us had really good meals.


We have had very varying experiences here. The first time we went, we absolutely loved it, excellent service, excellent food.(but a really long wait.) Second time, no wait, but service was pretty slow. Third time, a terribly long wait, half empty restaurant, horrible service, horrible food. :frowning:

We are going to try it again, though, hoping it was just an off night.


The lunch is better than the dinner! Although I am picky about my Italian food!