Honey I Shrunk..... Closes


I see that they closed it Sunday to get ready for Captain EO’s reopening on July 2.


Thank goodness, that film was so outdated. Hopefully there is something in the works for after EO.


I wonder why it would need to be closed for an entire 2 months. I can understand a week, but not a month or longer. When I walk by, I will think…what are they doing in there???


I agree. ‘Honey’ was nice in it’s day but it has grown tired and I don’t go to see it any more. I am looking forward to Capt EO!! I remember it as being loud but fun :laugh:


change is good. Good-bye HISTA.


Couldn’t agree more!!


:laugh::laugh::blush:Outdated… how old is EO?? but it was very good from what i can remember.


Now, if they can “86” Ellen DeGeneres from UOE…I’d be happy


Can’t say I’m sorry to see Honey I Shrunk the Kids go - it was SOOO outdated - however, I can’t say I’m pleased to see Captain EO return either…


Wow…I absolutely love Ellen - she makes the whole show. Before she was added that had to be the most deathly boring pavillion in Epcot. (actually a tie with the old Living Seas.)