Honeymoon at Caribean Beach


My cousin will be honeymooning at the CBR next week. I would like her to receive a gift card from us upon arrival at the resort. How can I make this happen? Has anyone done something similar?


Well I know you can send a whole bunch of stuff via the WDW website… I don’t remember ever seeing anything about just general gift cards… maybe if you call they can do the transaction via telephone. I am sure you can it’s just how to go about doing it.


Maybe you should just go along to deliver it in person…and to make sure they arrived safely, and to make sure they see everything in the parks, and they have the best seating for wishes…and…and…and:laugh::laugh:


This is almost the same as a gift card, but I’m pretty sure you could arrange to give them “Disney Dollars”, maybe through the resort? A CM at the CBR could probably help you with that.

~ Pam

10 Days till my First-ever Christmastime trip :santa:, at CBR with Free Dining!


Thank you! I like the idea of going there in person to deliver. . .hmmm
But my trips are in February and April :laugh:

I will call the hotel to see what I can do.

Thanks again.