Well here it is…as sad as it is to say! We had one whole day to spend at Hong Kong Disney, as part of our 8 day China business trip. We were all set to take the Metro from Guanzhou City, about a 2 hour train ride. And we were told by the concierge that we need another visa to re-enter the Guanzhou city, a visa we did not have. I figured that is was so difficult just trying to buy a phone card, that taking a 2 hour train ride to Hong Kong, going to the embassy to get another visa, waiting three hours for the visa, then getting to DLHK and enjoying ourselves was a lot to expect to happen.
We were very dissapointed even though DLHK has nothing new to offer us interms of attractions. We will be back there in a year or so, and look forward to a second visa and some new attractions.

Happily we just booked our April vacation to WDW and in DLR for one or two days next week!
Sorry for no trip report on DLHK we were :sad: and :angry:


:crying: Oh gosh…so sorry to hear that you weren’t able to visit DLHK. Well…at least you have your other trips to look forward to and next years trip to HK…DON’T forget those visas!!! :pinch:


Who knew you needed multiple entry visa’s. WE DO NOW!


Oooooh! That is so sad!
Silly Visa laws, all you wanted to do was visit Disney I hardly think you need another paper saying you’re not a threat to their country :tongue:
At least you have more Disney trips already booked :happy: and April means I’ll get to meet you! yay!


Awww, that IS really a bummer!!! At least you will be prepared for next time now and the park will hopefully have blossomed a little more in a year!!

Have fun in DL and in WDW in April!
When are you going in April?


That just stinks :nonono2:


Bummer! Sorry it didn’t work out. :sad:


Gee that stinks. Amazing how things have to be so difficult…


Paper work, Paper work sometimes it never stops!


Ugh :sad: what a bummer. It never occurred to me you’d need a re-entry visa any longer. It’s a great thing your concierge told you or you could have been in for a big hassle.
I hope the rest of your trip to China went well :flowers: And congrats on booking your DL and WDW trips!