Hong Kong


Hoping someone has something good to say about Disneyland Hong Kong. Visiting for 2 nights in Dec. and staying Disneyland Hotel. Have done some research and realise it is going to be pretty small, any othe info. would be very gladly accepted. Travelling from UK to HK for first time - very excited




I have no advice, but I hope you have a great time, and are able to take lots of pictures to share with us!


I have no advice either, sorry, but that is so wonderful that you’re going to Disneyland Hong Kong!!! :wub: Tell us all about it when you come back, and have a MAGICAL time!


Thanks for good wishes All really excited about trip Hope crowds not too bad 19th/20th Dec. sure we will manage, as long as not too tired after the flight :laugh:


how long is the flight from where you are? is it direct, or do you have to stop over somewhere?


Have a wonderful time! Please post a trip report when you return!


We are flying from Isle of Man to Manchester staying over night, then Manchester to Amsterdam with 11+ hours further to Hong Kong Return trip 13+ to Paris then back to Manchester and on (same day) to Isle of Man. It is possible to fly direct from London but managed to get a good deal using frequent flyer points using KLM and Air France. Haven’t flown long haul with either carrier so hope we will be OK, have upgraded to Business with points so hopefully the trip will be part of the Holiday!


My wife and I are going to Hong Kong next March. We are staying on the main island. Anybody got any tips on the best way to get to Disneyland?


John, Lincoln, ENGLAND


sounds like a nice long time in the air. have a great trip…