Hook's Pointe Restaurant?


Can anyone tell me about Hook’s Pointe restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel? Neither of us have ever eaten there & we’re staying at the hotel in June so I thought this would be a cool place to try. Daniel LOVES seafood & I don’t eat it at all so I looked at the menu on allears, it seems to have a good mix of everything.

Is the food good? What’s the atmosphere like? Is there LOTS of Peter Pan stuff from the movie? :tinkerbell:

Thanks. :heart:


The menu is indeed diverse…lots of options for non seafood eaters. I wouldn’t say that there is stiff from the movie…just a general theme. The food we had was very good…steaks cooked to perfection and the shrimp was wonderful! It’s a nice atmosphere…some areas are more quiet than others. I did find that I was a bit cold so I wished I’d brought a sweater. Of course I was sitting under a vent so that made it worse. All in all…really enjoyed it!