Hoop De Doo question


So we were thinking of doing the Hoop De Doo on our trip in May 2007 but after reading the menu on Allears I’m not so sure. Is fried chicken and ribs the only entree? Is the corn, onion, pepper mix the only side? If so, I won’t eat a thing. I don’t like fried chicken (I know I’m from SC and that is like a sin! My family thinks I’m so strange) and while I’ll eat ribs on occasion I don’t like them enough to make a whole meal out of them. Also, DD is VERY picky and she will not eat either of these selections either. I really want to see the show but I don’t want to pay all that $$ and not eat. Are there any other options for food there?


I’m not sure about the entree…I’ve never seen anything else but the chicken and ribs…but maybe they have offerings for children that you could choose from. As for sides…there are baked beens and they also have salad. The strawberry shortcake des. is yummy too:)


I believe DD can get something else, like mac n cheese, french fries but I’m not sure. As for you I’m not sure either(sorry :sad: ). Another side is baked beans, there is a salad and bread too. Maybe try calling them to find out for sure???


When we were there, the sides were corn on the cob, salad and baked beans. The fried chicken and ribs are great but there was a table near us that had requested vegetarian meals and got alternate meals. I think you may have to request that in advance.I know you can get an alternate kids meal from the trails end next door, like pizza or mac n cheese if you ask.


I have a question about the ADR for HDD…does it really fill up a year in advance? Because I would love to go, but I can’t book that far ahead since I’ll be working…
That menu sounds great to me, I just ADORE fried chicken, corn, beans :tongue: yum!


I think the early show books up in busy times of the year Tessa. I think you can book the later show any time. It’s not til 9:30opm and not a lot of people want to wait that long for dinner, especially families with little kids.
When we went in August the place wasn’t even half filled downstairs at the late show.


hey thanks ddoll! :biggrin:

now back to the origional post topic…sorry :blush: