Hoop-de-doo question


DH was wondering if there are ever any changes to the show from year to year or season to season or if ever at all. So, anyone who has been to the show more than once . . . does any part of the show ever change?


I have seen it many times over many years and the only changes I found were the actual CM’s who preformed in the show.


Yeah, I’ve seen it spuratically over the years since I was about 5 years old & the only thing I’ve ever noticed were different CMs. I never did HDD over Christmas time so not sure if they change the show at all for the holiday season.


We did HDD one year on Christmas day and it was the same show.

We love the show and usually do it every trip. It’s funny, we even have a usual table, we are almost always seated at the same table.


We used to see it all the time when I went as a kid. My mom and I went back on our first trip back to Disney in 2001 and it had been at least 10 years since the last time we’d seen it and it was the exact same show from when I was a kid.


Well, guess that settles it! It doesn’t change! :laugh: He wants to do the show again next trip but was hoping that it might be a little different. We’ll likely do it anyway! :happy:


Always been the same as far as we have seen. We never get tired of it, especially the ribs!


I like your avatar.:wub: Looks like Sami and Katie love the snow. :happy:


Well, one does. The other can take it or leave it. :laugh: That’s our place up north. We got 24" of snow while we were up there last week. Sami loves the snow. Katie only hangs out in it because the rest of us do. :happy:


I have seen it multiple times and I have only noticed one difference, the CMs were different. It is a great show and we always go back every year!