Hoop De Doo questions


I am SOOOO excited to be finally be trying this in November but I do have a couple of questions. We are using the DDP. My 22 month old (at time of travel) will be with us, will we be charged for him? I know he doesn’t have to have the DDP due to age but I was curious how this would work.

Also, I was reading some of the reviews on allears and one of them said it may be too loud for babies, is that true?

  How early should we arrive?  My DS (the baby) has absolutely 0 patience and can be a handfull to keep still.  We will be staying at SSR and going to the 5:00PM show.  SO I thought we would leave SSR at 3:30PM and be there by 4:30-4:45PM would that be okay?

Thanks so much!!!


You will not be charged for your baby. You will have plenty of enough time to get to FW. If DS gets too impatient waiting to go in or if you get there too early, they have a playground right around the corner.


It’s the same as if you were at a buffet, your 2 year old is free. The food os brought to your table so he can eat as much as he wants. We always ask for grapes, carrots and fries and our server is happy to bring them for my son.

There’s really no need to get there more than 20 minutes early and you wait outside so he can run as much as he wants. Once you get there you need to check in, after that you are free to walk around. Be sure to ask the front desk at SSR to print your HDD ticket so you have that before you arrive. No worries if you forget, it’s just one less thing to worry about.


Thank you so much! The CM when booking my ADRs said we needed to arrive between 30 minutes to an hour early. If we did that DH’s nerves would be fried as he is the one who usually chases DS around. (yes I have a very good DH!).


I’m sure they want you there early so you aren’t late and have to walk in during the show. We always get there plenty early but we enjoy taking a little break before the show. We grab a drink and relax in a rocking chair or play checkers.


They also take photos before the show so they ask you to check in and then get in line for your photo, but it moves fast. My kids loved the show even as babies as there is lots of action,clapping and singing. It is fun and fast paced.


The only part of the show that might be a little disconcerting for the baby is when they hand out washboards and ask everyone to make lots of noise with them. (Do you they still do that? :huh: I haven’t been in years…:laugh:) But other than that, there is so much fun stuff going on that I think it will be riveting to a baby more than frightening! It’s all high spirits and good fun, no scary stuff or villains.

You definitely don’t need to arrive more than 20 minutes early…we’ve always found ourselves kind of twiddling our thumbs when we got there too early.


Yep, they still hand out washboards at the end and it does get loud.


If you leave at 3:30, you will be there in plenty of time…as everyone has said…but it’s better to be safe and stick to that time.

I’ve brought my DS4 there every year since he was born…and he LOVES it. I don’t think it’s TOO loud for a baby. If the baby gets fussy, or upset, you can make a quick exit to calm the baby down. I think the baby will LOVE the show…mine sure does. Did I mention…YUMMY!! YUMMY!! YUMMY!!!


I never even considered that it might be too loud for a baby. Babies are usually upset my loud, startling noises, not so much with music, singing and crowd laughter. As long as your baby is with you, I think it will be fine. It’s just so much fun, how could a little one not enjoy it?

As for your arrival, is it possible one person from your party could check you guys in and then have the rest of you arrive just before showtime? You don’t want to be too late checking in. At least 15 mins. (They only ask you to be there real early so they can take photos.)


I don’t think the washboards will bother him at all as long as he gets to make some of that noise too!:laugh: He LOVES to make noise!!!