Hoop De Doo Revue worth 2 credits?


We are thinking of going to Hoop De Doo Revue for our trip in Dec. We have 2 kids ages 7 and 4. Is this show worth 2 credits and would our kids enjoy it?



My son has loved Hoop Dee Doo since he was 5. We love the show and think it’s worth 2 credits. The food is good, not 5 star but good comfort food. The show is corny but we love it, it’s worth trying at least once.

You can ask for fries, pizza and hot dogs for your kids if the menu is an issue for them.


We think it’s worth it at least once. We’ve been several times, but until recently hadn’t been for several years. We went in March (during an otherwise non-Disney trip to visit Florida relatives) and all 3 of our kids (DS10, DS7, and DD4) loved the show. Our boys were cracking up at the corny jokes, and our daughter loved all of the singing & dancing. We always enjoy the food, and everyone found something they liked. I think DS7 made an entire meal on the cornbread!:laugh:


I don’t think it’s worth 2 credits. It is worth paying out of pocket if you really like this kind of show. It has consistantly been a crowd pleaser and good family fun (especially if you like extra cheese). But getting back to the question at hand, you can put your two credits to much better use and get more value for your dollar, even if you use them for two character breakfasts.


HDDR is a must do for us every vacation and my kids have gone since they were babies (now 10,14, and 19). The food is good, but the show is such fun. When you think about the price remember you are really paying for dinner theatre so I think the price is comparable to that type of venue in other places.


We love the HDDR! The food is okay, but my husband and kids really like the show. Slap stick comedy along with fired chicken.


SG is right in that the price ($55/adult if I remember correctly) just doesn’t justify two credits moneywise. Having agreed, however, we all know it’s worth two credits if it’s worth it to you (no matter what I’m always saying on this board–it’s not all about money). Something to note, though, if I’m reading the DDP correctly, HDDR is one of the meals in which the gratuity is included in the price (so therefore covered by the DDP) which gives it a little more value. Still, if you boil it down to dollars (and cents) you can easily get a lot more expensive meal at any of the other two-pointers and some of them are 4 to 4 1/2 star restaurants (our fav of course is Cal Grill).

HDDR is a treat (some will disagree). The food is down-home and good and they keep it coming. They also keep the beer and wine coming if you so desire (no extra charge). I’ve never seen a kid in there who wasn’t having a blast. It’s corny, a little cheesy, but a very lively, fun show.

It was a tradition for us for all our trips but we missed it the last two. We’re going back this year because the two dining points will be free (so no-brainer).

Have fun whatever you choose! SG has a point, you can still pay cash if you don’t want to use the two points–we did that when we paid for the DDP.


Yes, a lot of fun for everyone!


We have seen it 3 times. We won’t do it again since it doesn’t change, but we really enjoyed it. It is corny, but great fun for the kids. Try it once.


I don’t know if it’s worth 2 credits - but definately do it!!! It’s soooo fun and we love the food.

We paid OOP for it last time so we could have tier 1 seats.


We love it! Our most recent visit to HDD was my twin cousins’ birthday and we had a great time!


Thanks everyone for your feedback. I think we’ll try it. I tried explaining what little I knew about it to the kids and my DD picked that over CRT. I think they’d really enjoy it.

Also a good option to consider paying out of pocket. Never thought of doing that. If I do pay out of pocket, would you get Category 1 or are the seats fine in categories 2 and 3?


All the seats have a good view but we like to be close so we pay for category 1. I really don’t think it’s that much more in the price of the vacation.


If it is your first time seeing HDDR, I would definitely pay extra for Cat. 1. With Cat. 2 or 3 you could end up in the balcony. It is not a bad seat up there, but you do feel a little bit away from the action and your first time experience may not be the best then.


I love the Hoop De Doo…I have seen it so many times but for some reason it never gets old. Unfortunately on my trip in September I am not going. It is really sad but I decided I have to try some other places that I have never been.

I am so excited for you!