Hoop De Doo


Well, my DH has decided that he wants to go to the Hoop-de-Doo Revue when we go to Disney in January. Just a quick question, I know that they ask for a credit card when you make the reservation but do they actually charge it or just take the number? Anyone out there who knows how this works, I would sure appreciate it.
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I do not believe they charge it unless you do not show up or cancel at least 48 hours in advance!!!


We are wanting to try this too…does anyone know if they accept debit cards to hold the reservation?



{Quote Mickeymaniac}We are wanting to try this too…does anyone know if they accept debit cards to hold the reservation?}

Yes, they do!!


Hey thanks so much for the info. I will call tomorrow and let you know how I make out.
Thanks again!


We went to this back in March. I think it beats the Lua hands down. Now, I like the Lua but the Hoop De Doo is for everyone!!! We reserved with a Debit Card (Did away w/credit a long time ago!) and they sent us the reservation info in the mail. We had to call 30 days in advance and pay. The show and food is so worth it!!! Good choice… Have Fun :laugh: :laugh:

(not sure I spelled Lua right) :redface:

Oh! If you make reservations less than 30 days in advance, you will have to pay then.


we went last week :slight_smile: on August 11, I made same day reservations at Guest Services at the resort. this is a wonderful show, we had never gone. go over early and really look around Ft. Wilderness!!! ( see my TR for more info)


Hubby called tonight and got us PS’s, but they didn’t say anything about charging our card. They said we could pick up our tickets at any WDW guest services 7 days prior to our reservations and pay at that time.


You may want to call back and ask about this. There is no credit card hold for the Hoo Dee Doo, you have to make a full payment 21 days out to hold your reservation. My guess is that about a week after your call you will get a letter in the mail with all the information on it. This was true as of a month ago unless you are call for a reservation less than about week out.


We just finshed making our Hoop Dee Doo ps. We did leave our credit card number for the reservation, however they do not charge the card unless we do not show to the show. We were told to pick up and pay for the tickets once we arrive at the resort.
We are planning to use one of our silver plan wishes to pay for the tickets.


Wow!!! You guys are so fantastic and so full of info. That is why I love it here at DC. We did Whispering Canyon last year and had a blast and when my husband saw the Hoop-de-Doo on the travel channel he got excited about it and thought that it would be fun. I am going to call tomorrow for our Jan trip.
Thanks again everyone!


I will call back a month out to be sure everything is ok…but I just made Hoop De Doo reservations this a.m. for our December trip. She took my card # and told me I could pick up my tickets at the hotel and pay for them then.


I think I read somewhere that starting today or close to today they will be charging your card when you make the reservation. I think there is a 48 hour cancellation allowance. We made a tour reservation and they used to put a hold on your card and at check in they asked if we wanted to apply it to our room or the card we gave at the time of reservation. They charged our card within 48 hours of making the reservation this time.


Wow I thought the luau was a lot more fun! The hoop de doo is dangerously close to Small World for song addiction. I saw the hoop de doo six months ago, and I’m STILL singing it in the shower now and then! :pinch:


I am so glad to hear this!!! I opted for Hoop de Doo over the Luau mainly because of my 7 year old son!! I was afraid he would be bored, so maybe next time!!! I really want to do the Luau some time!! A good reason to go back!!! :wink:


I have a ‘newbie’ type question for all you veterans…
I want to take my family to the Hoop De Doo in early Feb…is a PS absolutely necessary or because it is a non peak time will I have a chance of getting in anyway?
The problem is - my husband’s schedule changes all the time. I don’t want to make a PS and then not be there…