Hoop dee do revue


We are going for our fourth trip and have yet to see the hddr show, is it worth the money? also do you need to pay for floor or is the balcony okay?:


do it! You will love it. I think all the seats are good but the best seats are right up front or in the center. This is a must do for us every year and we never tire of that corny show not to mention the all you can eat ribs,chicken, and strawberry shortcake. I’ve been seated in the balcony and you really can see well from there but we prefer the main floor so we are in the center of the action.


YES! We went for the first time last week and really enjoyed it! I wouldn’t do it every trip but it is great!


We love the HDD, it has become a must do for us every trip.


I absolutely love it! Def. give it a try. I prefer to sit on the main floor, but if its a big price difference, go with balcony. You will still have a great time!


Do it! At least once . . . lots of fun! :happy:


My sister did this last night. They really enjoy it and they got the cheaper seats in the balcony and enjoyed it just as much as the floor seats.


We did the balcony, right in the center above the lights girl. The seats were fantastic!! Very enjoyable experience worth the money!


HDDR is good, and is a must do for us every year!! We have done both the balcony and the tier I seating (right in front of the stage twice). All of the seats are fantastic. The food is good, and while the show is hokey, it is a lot of fun. You have to try it at least once.


We love the Hoop de Doo! As far as seats go - last trip we had balcony seats (right next above the light girl too!) and we loved the seats (dining plan seats)!!!

This trip we paid oop for cat 1 seats. We were in the front row - like touching the stage. Honestly it was too close. I kept seeing Two-Bit spit when he sang! We actually enjoyed the balcony seats better.

This is how close we were:

That’s DH sitting in his seat leaning on the stage (he loves the Sangria!!)

Have a great time!


I prefer the floor seats, but honestly just to go see the show is a treat. There really are no BAD seats there. Some are just better than others. Same as when you go to one of the shows in the parks. You get a good view everywhere.


I know I am probably going to be in the minority here, but I didn’t like all that much, the food was great though!


Welcome to MouseBuzz! We love the HDR. Did it four times, sat just about everywhere. We do prefer the floor, however, sometimes depending on where you sit, little ones sight may get distracted (someone’s head).

We like the 7:15 show. When it is over, we take the ferry to Magic Kingdom and view Wishes from the boat. You will love it. Yah-Who!!! :cool:


You all talked me into it. I have been thinking of going since we started camping at Disney 3 years ago. I just called and I was able to get the 5pm seating on 12/13 and I am excited. They only had cat 3 available and I was fine with that!!


We did it once and really enjoyed it! Dave really liked the unlimited amounts of beer :laugh:

We sat in the balcony and it was fun! The characters came up in the balcony as well.


[QUOTE=cinderbella;909945]We did it once and really enjoyed it! Dave really liked the unlimited amounts of beer :laugh:

We sat in the balcony and it was fun! The characters came up in the balcony as well.[/QUOTE]

My husband is a big fan of beer and I am a big fan of him drinking free beer!! Oh, and I can’t wait to drink my share of Sangria!! He can have as much as he wants as long as he can make his way back to our camper, and No- we don’t rent golf carts!!!


It is worth the money, and like Bella said my DH also enjoyed the unlimited beer


okay i’m going to book it…thanks for all the advice…we will probably stick to balcony just due to money this time…really like the idea of the ferry after just to finish off the night!!! Thanks


Ok, dumb question~~How much is the HDDR? DH and I are going to DW in February for our 25th Anniversary and I’m thinking about booking IF there is any availability that is…



Figure about $60 per person. That includes the beer, wine or sangria tax and tip.

I did it for the 1st time on December 13th and while I had a wonderful time and loved every minute of it, I feel it is something you do once -not over and over again.