Hoop Dee Do seating request


Two years ago we were seated at the very middle table on the balcony and loved the seats. It was level 2 seating. I know that most of the level 2 is on the first floor, is it possible to request balcony level 2? Or I guess the better question is how likely are you to get that type of request?


Like any other request at WDW, you can make it and hope for the best. I suggest checking in as early as possible and requesting it again. Might not matter since they know where you are seating when you get there. They (WDW) tries to honor all reuqests, but they are just that, a request.


I think we ended up with Level 3 on our reservations this year. Is there a bad seat here? This will be our first time at HDD.


It’s been a long time since I have gone ,but I really can’t imagine a bad seat. they have it set up so everyone can more or less see the show regardless of seating if I remember correctly.


We had level 3 last year. You are along the sides of the balcony with your back to the floor. You have to turn your back to the show to eat. I think if you can afford it it’s worth the difference for level 2.


You can call back and ask about requesting a table and see what they say. Our table is always assigned before we ever check in. The table number is on the slip you get when you check in and that can be done several days in advanced at your resort.


I think the bad seats are the ones off to the side of the stage and immediately in front of the piano player. Oye! Bad. :pinch:


We tried to request an area and we were told that it is based on the sales of the show and how many are at each table. Granted we were a larger party but we had always had better seats than we did this time. We were level two and our eats were definitely not bad but they were not as good as our old level two seats were. One thing I will say is that we felt very rushed this time around- I dont know if it is because there were three shows when we went but from the pictures to the seating to the eating and leaving we were very rushed- we were not even done eating and they started clearing our plates.


Here’s a link to the seating chart for Hoop Dee Doo.



We’ve been to the show many times, and in levels 1, 2 and 3. I think all the seats have there advantages and disadvantages. For instance…we had level 1, and our seats were up against the stage. I think it was hard to enjoy the show from these seats. It was so close that you had to crain your neck to see them, and their sweat was flying off the stage (and into our food)…gross! Sometimes it’s nice to have the seats in the back so you can enjoy the show and the audience interactions without being part of it, and sometimes it’s nice to be in the swing of things… so I guess it’s personal preference…