Hoop Dee Doo Food?


I am working off last year’s plans and ADR for this year’s trip and we originally had HDDR booked for one evening. After going over the menu on All Ears I realized that there is nothing on that menu Noah will eat. He is the fussiest eater on the planet and it is really hard planning our ADRs with him in mind. I am actually thinking of dropping HDDR for that reason. Can kids get things different from the menu at HDDR? How hard is it to do so, do you have to request it ahead of time?


They will bring out a pb&j or chicken nuggets if you ask. I’ve seen them do it. ALSO, you can not pay for him, and bring your own meal. Explain it’s a dietary thing . . . so many people have to pack their own foods these days.

He’s little too, so I don’t think they will question you. I would call to inquire though.


If you request something they will bring it from the trail’s end buffet next door. I know they have mac n’ cheese, for example.


My son always asks for fries, grapes, and carrots at HDD.


I saw a family at the table next to us get a sandwich and some fruits and veggies for their little ones. I’m pretty sure they brought out some crackers as well.

I’m sure they will be very accommodating for you if you ask! The HDD is great fun, I would hate for you to miss it just because of the menu! :happy:


I have never been to HDR.We have eaten in Trails End at least 40 times. Through the years some things have changed. One thing that has not changed is that both HDR and TE use the same kitchen. The food cooked for TE is the same food cooked for the HDR. Maybe they don’t bring it all to your table but I’m sure you can request it and the selection is more than enough. Before you go into the HDR go next door to TE and check out the food bar. You can just walk in and look around.Then you will at least know what you might request.


They will bring mac’n’cheese for your whole family if you ask. They will also bring hot dogs and fries for kids. We asked for our salad plain and ranch dressing and they brought it. My picky friend (35 yrs old) decided she did not like the food, and they also brought her a hot dog and fries. Just ask.


I’ve found that almost every Disney Resturant is very accomidating to kids…My son for instance mainly consists of french fries and mac’n’cheese when we are there… He’s a very picky eater…All I do is bring along some snacks like Mini Crisps for a dinner like that just in case…Last year he had french fries, and a banana…LOL…I struggle with him all year long, so for one week I just let it go… I have another 51 weeks to make sure he’s healthy…LOL


I’m the same way. I don’t fight my son at WDW, I let him eat what we wants while we’re on vacation. if I can get some fruit in him in the room before we head out for the day I’ll let him eat fries and nuggets every day if that’s what he wants. We work on what he eats at home but I don’t battle it in restaurants.


I was wondering the same thing. We have this show booked and was wondering just in case my DD doesn’t want to eat what they offer is there something else. She pretty much loves ribs and salad so I’m hopeful she will be into that.
I personally don’t care if she wants to eat candy the whole trip. Its vacation :laugh:


We didn’t end up booking it. I think we will try it next time when he is a bit older and slightly less fussy (will that day ever come?). We are going to do the Lilo and Stitch BF that morning instead and TL during the day, maybe a park in the evening if we aren’t too exhausted. Not a bad trade off.

Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it. I let go of the eating battles while on vacation too. Last trip Noah basically ate ice crem and uncrustables the whole trip. I find though he actually gets worse on vacation…even fruit loops were a battle.


Hey, you traded one of my very favorite things (HDD) for another one of my very favorite things (TL)! :happy: You’re right, not a bad trade-off! I hope you guys have a blast!


Thanks dznygrl, it was my favourite from our 1st trip too. I loved that wave! I am looking forward to the bf…Noah loves Lilo and Stitch and Mark said it is a good day to start off our big wave day.