Hoop Dee Doo, Mickey's BBQ and Spirit of Aloha


We have never done any of these and only have time to fit one into our schedule due to other character meals we have already scheduled. We have a daughter who is 6 years old. I am leaning towards the Hoop Dee Doo but I would like all of your input and knowledge.


The Kigers


We disliked Spirit of Aloha intensely, and we have found that non-Disney-run events like that, though they are on Disney property, are not up to Disney standards. If the others are run by Disney we’d be interested in them. :slight_smile:



My boys, 6 and 10 really loved Hoop De Doo. In fact, we’ve been to that show twice. The adults also liked the show!


HDD - if you think your daughter will have fun watching an entertaining show.
BBQ - if you want to dance around with your daughter and the characters and have fun that way.

To me, the food is a wash.

I agree with chastmastr about SoA.


I believe Hoop Dee Doo or the BBQ would better suit your daughter. I have done SoA and liked it:) But…I have done HDD…umm…4 times now and would still like to see it again. Lots of fun and I thought the food was yummy:O)


Hoop de doo all the way!!!


Hoop Dee Doo!!!

With all the Disney trips we’ve been on, last August was our first time going to HDD. My DS and Dh loved it so much they immediately asked if we could make it a regular stop on all our trips.


Do the Hoopty! Be sure to ask your server to grab your table some mac & cheese - they share a kitchen with the Trail’s End next door - for the wee ones. It’s a great evening for the whole family. One of our favorite things to do in WDW. If you go to the earlier show you can head over to the campfire program there at Fort Wilderness and do the sing-a-long, s’mores, and outdoor movie, too!

The BBQ is also a fabulous evening… good character interaction, fun, and exciting (loud)! The food is tasty, the country & western band is top-notch, the rodeo rope dude rocks, but watching your kids dance around with the characters all night is pricless.

My mother taught me if I didn’t have something kind to say about something to say nothing… let’s not type about the luau.

I’d say you can’t really go wrong with either of the Ft. Wilderness offerings… be sure to get there early (take the launch from MK - the busses over there can be tricky) to check out the petting zoo, horse barn, trading post, and so the grownups can enjoy a “Gullywhomper” from a rocking chair on the Crockett’s Tavern porch… while watching the kiddies on the small playground.

Peace & Pins,
Andrew :noo:


I’ve never heard a bad thing about Hoopty.

(I’ve never heard a strong endorsement for the Lua.)


I’ve heard good things about Hoopty-Doo-Revue, but have never been. I felt cheated out of the money we spent on Spirit of Aloha Luau!!! Bad food, un-Disney-like servers, and mediocre (sp?) entertainment


Another big Hoop-De-Doo vote here, too! Kids loved it, as did DH and I. :slight_smile:


Hey now, Cavey, I guess you haven’t seen my 10 or so defenses of the Luau. :pirate:

It is a million times better than the Hoop De Doo, great food, wonderful dancing and entertainment (with the fire dancers). I’ve done it 3 times and we’ve loved it every time.


Go to Hoop Dee Doo! It’s a wonderful dinner show and the food is good. We’ve done the BBQ and it was fun but nothing like HDD. It’s quickly become a must do for my family.