Hoop dee doo Review?


We have reservations for the Hoop DE DO is July. In looking at the Wilderness lodge I can see Pioneer hall is a good dsitance from the lodge, and has no parking near it. We were planning on driving, how do you get to Pioneer hall?


We like to take the boat from Magic Kingdom to Fort Wilderness, from there it’s a short walk to Hoop Dee Doo. There is a path from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness but it’s about a mile walk.


There are buses that take you from the parking lot area to Pioneer Hall. I think we either took the purple or the orange route (there’s a map to help you). Either way, they stop a bazillion places along the way so give yourself plenty of time! We really enjoyed the show!!! Have fun.


To make your life easy just take the boat from MK or WL to Fort Wilderness…it can get tricky driving there!


What resort are you staying at? We stayed at POR and it was 5 minute drive from there . . . there was plenty of parking . . . but you then have to take a bus! And like others said there can be many stops along the way so leave yourself time.

There is a petting zoo and a nice gift shop if you arrive early . . . we also took a little walk down by the lake!

The show is GREAT . . . you’re going to :heart: it!


I would take the boat from Magic Kingdom or from Wilderness Lodge. You will love Hoop Dee Doo!


Best route I can think of would definitely be like the others said: park at the MK and take the boat to Fort Wilderness. As long as the MK will still be open (or just closed) by the time your show exits, you can hop right back on the boat quick as a whistle!

I :heart: the Hoop-De-Doo! You will have so much fun!!


We have done both: rode the boat from MK, and parked and rode the bus.

Take the boat. It’s WAY better.