Hoop Dee Doo, Table 99, The Townsends have been made happy!



If you read my trip report you know I am still mad about table 99 at Hoop Dee Doo.

If you get that table, RUN. Throw a fit. Be mad.

Read our trip report to understand.

I wrote Disney a few days ago and said “I don’t want anything for us, just get rid of that table.”

Well, they called today and gave us a gift card for the cost of the meal and the young lady said she is going to address removing the table. YAYYY!!!

That is why we love Disney. They know customer service!


I LOVE Disney Customer Service. I haven’t had a chance to read you TR yet but will do so. But I know that I just had to deal with the Disney Movie Rewards Cast Members and they were beyond great! I’m so happy everything worked out for you!


EXCELLENT! Kudos to Disney for proper customer service. I hope they do remove or reposition that table so others don’t have the same situation.


What a great response!!! I’m so glad that you pursued the issue, courteously, and you were rewarded.


Well done to you for getting things changed! Our last trip we had a lousy table at 1900 Park Fayre- not one character stopped by and our server said it was renowned for being ‘missed’ due to it’s positioning- so well done to you for getting something done- wish we had now.


Thanks. I have to give a gold star to the cast member Carri (yes, she spelled it for me on the phone), who talked to me. I work in making sure a telecom’s customer service is up to snuff, and I still can’t make people be as nice as this woman was. Carri, you are awesome! Disney is better to have you!


I’m glad they listened to you and addressed your problem. That’s great that they also gave you your money back!!! Disney customer service really is one of the best!


Now who is our resident spy that can make sure it is removed…:ph34r: