Hoop Dee Doo


Hi Gang,

I know that Hoop Dee Doo is a big show, and a favorite. We are going to go this year for the first time. My question is, “Is there a less crowded day over another, and a less crowded time slot slower than the other?”

We want to get our reservation in, but I was wondering if it is less crowded than other times.


There is only so may people that can fit in the show.
From what I understand it is always booked solid. So it doesn’t look like any day would be better than another.


For parks, you can bet weekends are busier since the locals will be there. But for show that draws mainly vacationers, it probably doesn’t matter as much. I doubt there’s much of a difference.

I would call and ask for an ADR for the night that has the best seats.


Every show we’ve been at has been full but it doesn’t matter, the show is wonderful. I think this is one place at WDW that the size of the crowd doesn’t impact the experience. You will have your own table and they are not shoved too close together to make more room, there’s plenty of space.

Have fun, HDD is one of our favorites at WDW.


Is it true that the earlier you book HDDR the better seating you will get?


Yes, it’s true. The earlier you book the better your table. We booked our May 31 dinner in maybe Janurary and we had a second row table. We’ve never booked too early but always have a table close to the front so we must book before most people.

I’ve tried asking the CM on the DINE number how good our table was and they can never tell me, they don’t know how booked the show is, just that there are seats left. You know your table number as soon as you get your HDD ticket. I have my resort print out my ticket when we check in so I see our table number then. I don’t know how good the table is until we get there but it’s nice to see a low number on the paper.


After 10 years we finally went to the HoopDee Doo and it was so awesome. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard.
We booked out Oct trip inthe summer and when we arrived our check in card said a table # in the 100’s which I am assuming is upstairs and they sat us at a table 1st row on the corner by the kitchen. The CM even said we really bumped up. I did have on our reservations that it was our 10 yr wedding anniv and we were a party of 2.
Two thumbs up to this show and I’m sorry it took me so long to get there.


I’ve been going to Disney World since 1971 and have never gone to the Hoop de Doo. We’re going next Weds. during our 10 day stay and I can’t WAIT!!! All you DCers who have been seem to really enjoy yourselves, so you can consider yourselves the reason we’re finally going! Thanks!!!


Great! Then we should be very close to the stage. We booked 180 days prior to the date we’re going. It’s our first time, and so looking forward to it.


You should be in good shape booking that far out. I know we were way under 180 days when I booked and we had a great table a couple of weeks ago.


When I booked our HDD reservations the CM on the Dine line was able to tell me that there were still total availability and a ton of seats left, so that meant we would be pretty close to the front. We also booked ours months ago for our December trip. As of now, HDD is still able to be booked further out than the 180 day rule, until 12/31/06, so I booked as soon as I knew we were going.


That’s great, I’ve asked but the CMs have said they didn’t know how booked it was. I’ll have to try asking again next time I get to book it.


We really enjoyed it when we were there and we had excellent seats. I booked probably 6 weeks ahead.
I’m glad we went…it was a hoot!


Close is great (but you’re going to get picked on!). We’ve sat on the front row, we’ve sat in the back, and we’ve sat up in the balcony. We had a great time every show!


I guess I’ve been lucky, because we’ve gone in the off-season…but the last time we went (September 2003) our show was not full at all. The CM told me when booking that there were tons of seats left, and she wasn’t kidding. The place was half-empty!

The CM did tell me that the latest show does not tend to fill up as much as the earlier show(s). So I hope that helps a little bit.

We’ve always gone to the 9 or 9:15 showing, whichever it is, and never had a problem. It’s been awesome!


Yeah, I was gonna say the late show is the least crowded too.

Last summer, we went to the last show and it was so COLD in there, because they had the A/C cranked up high and there wasn’t even a half-full downstairs!!
All I had on were short shorts and a tank top. I was freezing!!!The waitress brought me a nice warm cloth tablecloth to put over my shoulders.


Well I just tried to book my seats for that and they said that the rules were changed and now this dining experiance is also 180 days out. That makes more stress for me as I will now be stressing on Aug 7th for my ressies for that as well!


We sat up-stairs last July and had a good view and a great time. I was not planning on going in October but my son said he wanted to go back. I did not think I had a chance of getting seats this late in the game but was told they had seats left. I asked if we were going to be upstairs again but the CM had no idea. I really don’t think that there is a bad seat in the house. oh and the food…yummy


The HDDR is great. We always go for the 7:30 show as there tends to be more adults at this showing than at the 5pm showing. Also the earlier you book the better seats you get. We used to book our table when we made our room ressies a year in advance and since we were just 2 people we always got the two person table that is front row centre. We actually got lucky this year with booking as we managed to book it a year in advance as they hadn’t changed the booking policy on it until the new year and our ressie was made last November.:laugh:


Yes, definately get your seats real early. Its more fun when you get to sit right next to the stage.