Hoop Dee Doo


Is there a way to get to Hoop Dee Doo without renting a golf cart at the resort?


You can take the internal bus to Hoop Dee Doo. We always take the boat from MK to the FW dock and walk the short distance to Pioneer Hall.


It depends on what loop you are placed in. We used to walk over to Pioneer Hall but our loop just happened to be like a 10 minutes walk, so it was close. There are internal buses too, like DT said.


We are staying at Caribbean Beach, we could get a bus there and go to Hopp Dee Doo without having to rent a golf cart to go to the restaurant?


You can’t get a bus from CBR to FW but you could take a bus from CBR to MK then hop on the boat to FW. It’s a VERY short walk to Hoop Dee Doo from the dock. We always do that, it’s a lot easier than a bus from DtD to FW then wait for another bus at FW to take us to Pioneer Hall.


Just so you know, when your dinner is over (if you have the 2nd or 3rd seating) you will probably be able to get a bus back to CBR from FW. There is usually a sign as you come off the boat to let you know this.


No buses run from resort to resort. The quickest route is from MK to FW by boat.


Okay Thanks! Last year we drove to Fort Wilderness and rented a golf cart for the day, lol, we had fun checking out Fort Wilderness, the resort is beautiful, I just wish they had a counter service restaurant on site too! We played in the parks, went to the store, walked around the docks, BUT we did not swim in the pool, lol!!


I’ve not tried it but this looks like a counter service restaurant based on the menu. Meadows Snack Bar - Ft. Wilderness


This was true for us too. When we were leaving HDD there were buses bringing guests direct to the resorts. We were staying at the BWI at the time and there was a bus FOR GOING HOME direct to the resorts.

One time we had a car and you have to park really far from Pioneer Hall but then you are instructed to take their internal buses. No need to rent a golf cart.