Hoops & Yoyo go to Disney World!


My friends Hoops & Yoyo wanted me to share their pictures with all of you DCers…


(I hope that link works.)

For those who are not familiar with Hoops & Yoyo:


I am what you would call a DC lurker. I read all your trip reports faithfully and enjoy them all very much!


HEHE :laugh: I absolutely love Hoops and Yoyo. Thanks for the link :happy:


I loved all those pictures!! They are soo funny. :laugh:


ROFL :laugh: :laugh:

That was absolutely hilarious! Has to be one of the cutest things ever posted on DC!

Great job - and you should post more!!


that is too cute …thanks


That was simply fantastic.

I must have Hoops and Yo-Yo.

Super job! SOO cute! :wub:


I just want you to know that you have been reported to the Department of Children & FAmily Services . . . errr wait . . .the Humane society . . . YEAH! . . . there is photo proof that you endangered Hoops and Yoyo by placing them on those train tracks!!!


VERY clever idea for a trip report!!! :biggrin: :wink:


I love Hoops & Yoyo! That was fun!


OMGOSH! Those are too cute for words!

I’m so glad that Hoops and Yoyo had such a good time!

(Don’t lurk - join us - you’re our kind of people - odd) :wink:


Looks like Hoops & YoYo had a FABULOUS trip! Do they stay at a special Disney resort only for stuffed animals?


That was great! I usually don’t get the whole “take a picture of a stuffed animal in front of a familiar place” thing, but you guys did a great job with it.

Thanks for sharing!


I LOVED THAT!!! I’m sitting here cracking up just thinking about it! Hoops and Yoyo had so much fun at Disney World!! Now I’m going to have to steal the idea, you know… :wink: My favorite is Hoops and Yoyo with Eeyore!

Can’t wait to hear more about their trip (and yours!).


HB & I are roaring with laughter!! That was wonderfully riotous!! Come out and play more often…and bring your little friends with ya!! Thanks!


That was so cute! It looks like Hoops and YoYo know how to have a good time.


Thank you everybody! I’m glad you enjoyed them.

Hoops and Yoyo’s next trip will be in September when they go on a Disney Cruise. They will be posting more pictures then.

I, in the meantime, will stop lurking and join in the fun!

Here are two pictures from the “human” side of the trip:


Those are so great - let me guess, you were there for MNSSHP?

(BTW - I’m glad to see that Hoops & Yoyo drive a VW) and I’m glad that you’re joining us! :flowers:


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I loved it!

And I love Pluto in Dorothy’s basket, but that Piglet costume is kind of scary :eek:


Those pictures are so ADORABLE!!
I love them. :happy:

I have that Sally costume. I wear it all over the place.
Strange looks from elders = :heart:!


Glad you decided to join us more often! Loved the pics!