Hooray Uncle Sam!


Our trip is paid in full…New pirate rooms here we come!!!


Oh Yay!!! Thats always a nice feeling. Hope you all have a blast.:laugh:


Hooray, congrats!! That is such an awesome feeling! :biggrin:

I am just waiting on my refund so I can do the same thing! :laugh:


Have a great time!


I heard those rooms are rated Rrrrrrrr…lol. Congrats.


You are going to have a blast. I’ve seen pictures of those rooms and they look so cool. Have the best time ever!:pirate:


Congratulations. Make sure that you take pictures of those rooms for us :wink:


Lucky you. Because of a stupid mistake our financial planner made, we have to PAY Uncle Sam over $2000.:angry: No trip to WDW for us this year. We’re so disappointed.


mine came yesterday… we will pay it off this week. now i just need to get my bonus at work… for spending money…