Hopper pass or basic pass


Which does everyone else perfer. Last year we had hopping passes but did’t even use them. So this Year I was thinking of only getting basic passes, But I am afraid I will regret it.


I’m all about the hopper pass- I like the freedom. But unless you have a reason to think that you’ll approach your park time differently than you did last time, why spend the extra?


I recommend keeping the hopper. In our June trip, we were at AK for our last day, and it was unbelievably packed. I was stressing out on my last day. We hopped over to MK, where it was empty. To me, it’s worth the extra money to have that insurance to change a stressful situation to a great one.


I agree with the others: it’s like an insurance package. You may choose to stay at one park, but what if you have a need to change and cannot?


I also like having the Park Hopper even if I don’t end up using it much. Like the others have said, it gives you some insurance. I just don’t like feeling like if I am in the Magic Kingdom, I’m there for the day and I can’t go anywhere else.


We ALWAYS go to two parks a day… it’s part of our ritual. We hav eto have the Hoppers to make the trip perfect!

We also add the Water Park option. And even the Never Expires option. It makes me feel terrific to pull out a bunch of tickets with unused days on them. Even if there is not some mega-savings involved, I feel like I hit a jackpot.

Here is a link to the ticket pricing guide… you can see all the prices with all the options.

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We also prefer the hoppers. It just gives you that extra flexibility, which I think really comes in handy.


We prefer the hopper, but we usually go to 2 different parks almost everday


To hop or not to hop? That’s always the question. I always ask myself the same exact question before bying my WDW tickets and always go with the hopper. I like the freedom to hop if I choose to. What if the park you choose is seriously crowded? You are stuck with it. What if after a day at the MK you want to head to the world showcase at night? You can’t…you are stuck with MK all night too. To me when you spend all this money on a WDW trip, it makes more sense to just spend the extra dollars and go with the hopper…


On our November trip my dh and I only hopped once, but I would never go with just the basic pass. We want the option to hop if we so chose.


I always get the hopper just in case. I hardly ever spend one whole day somewhere…


I find it hard to think of times that I haven’t been in two parks in one day while I was using park hoppers. And being a fiend for fireworks, hoppers are mandatory.


We almost always go to two different parks in one day so I think I would feel really limited if we didn’t have that option.


I don’t think I could go without a hopper. I guess it is a short attention span, but I always end up going to at least two parks each day. Plus if you are staying on site the hopper allows you to hit any park you want and save the extended hour park for evening.



Out of our eight days, we used the hopper at least five of them. One park in the morning and a different park at night. It’s the only way for us. :happy:


I have to go with everyone on this one. Defiantly get the hopper. Its nice to go to have the option to go to one park in the morning then once it starts getting busy go to another one then go to another park for EMH that night.


Did you make a decision yet? I am interested to find out what you decide to do!


booked our vacation and I decided to go with the hopper passes I didn’t even consider the fact that if the park we went was crowded that we could always just go to another one. Thanks for Everyones Help !!!THANKS A BUNCH!!!:happy:


It depends on your family’s preference. We have had hoppers, and with 4 kids all under 13yrs, hopping is a hassle for us. So this time when I purchased our tickets, we added a day, and added the waterparks and more option which I believe is better money spent, since we only hopped with our tickets because I refused to waste the money and not use it, but in the end it was more of a hassle for us.


we have never hopped, but since i am considering may/June for our next trip, i expect higher crowds, and think the hoppers will be worth the $$, just in case. If we decide to go in January, i doubt i do hoppers as we haven’t used them before, and crowds are lighter, so not as much need.