Hopping from Park to Park


Does anyone have a link to the Disney Transportation Guide? I believe you can get one when you check into a resort? Most info on the internet that I have found simply describes how to get to a particular park from your individual resort. This includes the official WDW site.

I am looking for something more informative. For instance I would like to see all the stops on the property and in Downtown Disney so I could figure out how to walk to a stop that will minimize my having to endure a lot of stops. I would also like to figure out when buses run.

[I]I plan on purchasing Park Hopper passes and may be moving from one park to another during the day.

Are the buses that leave from Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney Studios, and the TTC run non-stop to their destinations? And is there a schedule as to when they run? If not, how often are they supposed to run?[/I]

Thanks in advance for your help.


Here you go

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Thanks, Dopey. You’re a lifesaver!


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Good luck! I have found the transportation system very easy to manuever. . we always park hop, sometimes 3 parks in one day (need to please everyone, right).

Its always great to be prepared and have a plan.


I thought it is odd that you can’t get from MK to AK or MGM direct. You have to transfer somewhere else. Anybody know a reason for this.


Yes there are buses from AK to MK and AK to MGM and AK to Epcot direct.
The signs are there and tell you where to go for the bus.


When you say there are direct buses to MK, you do mean that they go to the TTC. Correct?


No, there are buses directly to MK, MGM, and EPCOT from the AK.


I was nervous on our first trip not knowing where we were going and where the busses went and what time. It was very simple, Disney has everything marked and the CM’s are great with information.


Great news. I will look for those if the situation comes up. Thanks.


My wife “informed” me that the MK bus goes to TTC and then you can take a boat or monorail to the MK. I think she is right.


That’s the way they want it. I’d guess the thinking is that people who need to get to or from TTC are day guests and not hotel guests, and the service is to the parking lot, not the gate. Hotel guests are taken directly to the MK bus depot from their hotels.
You’ll also notice, that you can’t get to DTD from any parks, only from hotels.

Buses that run between parks or park to TTC are non-stop. Resort buses usually have more than one stop. The deluxes share. Boardwalk, Swan and Dolphin; Yacht and Beach; Contemporary, Poly, and sometimes GF; WL, Fort Wilderness, and GF for other routes (usually the DTD bus). AKL has it’s own bus, but there’s no other hotel out that way. The All Stars share to all parks EXCEPT MK which they usually have dedicated buses. Port Orleans has 5 stops, 4 in Riverside and one in French Quarter. CBR has 4 stops, OKW has 3 or 4 stops. Pop Century has one, but there are 3,000 rooms. Pretty much, the mods have 4 stops because they are so spread out.
If you want to go to DTD from Epcot, you have to walk to the Boardwalk or Beach for a bus. If you want to go to DTD from MK, you have to walk out to the Contemporary, or take the monorail, but you’ll walk almost the same distance by going up to the mono platform and riding to Contemporary, only to have to walk down and out to the bus stop. AK and Studios are almost impossible to get to DTD without transferring through a hotel.


Yes, there are buses directly from AK to MGM and AK to EPCOT because AK usualy closes at 5:00 p.m. and Disney doesn’t want you to go “home” yet, they want you to keep spending! But the bus will take you to TTC for you to use either the monorail or boat to get to the MK.